Minka Lavery Lights

Remember our recent bathroom tour? We loveeeeee almost everything about this space.
We love that the light shines through the clean shower curtain, creating a bright space that seems so fresh and so clean, clean.
We love the pops of white, again creating a clean space that is simple yet functional.
We love the hint of color that fresh flowers bring to this space, especially in our diy vase. There’s just one part of this space that we aren’t necessarily in love with. Which part you ask?
We want to say good-bye to this generic boob light and hello to a simple yet far more fashionable light fixture, and we need YOUR help! The DIY Playbook has teamed up with Home Depot and their new Minka Lavery Lighting line to add a little personality to our plain jane “boob” light. We’ve picked our favorite Minka Lavery lights for this space and want YOU to decide which one we should add to this sacred space. Which light would you like to see in our bathroom?
Home Depot's Minka Lavery Lighting

YOU, our fabulous reader, can vote on which light fixture you’d choose for this space! We’ll share the winning light next week and take you on our installation journey after that. Are you in or are you in?! Vote here:

But wait…there’s more! (Let’s be real, we’re not letting you off the hook that easily)

Here’s our current light post that sits at the end of our driveway.

Although this little light is not bad by any means, we found ourselves loving some of the Minka Lavery outdoor light options and thought… “why not add a little more personality outside too?” Here’s what we’re thinking…

Home Depot Minka Lavery Lighting