An Inexpensive Bedroom Mirror

Can you guys believe it’s been a month since we chatted about my bedroom refresh?! In some ways I feel like this project happened two weeks ago and then in other ways I feel like I’ve been living in our “new” bedroom for well over 6 months!  <— how does that even happen?! bedroom_nightstand_headboard_flowersWhen I revealed the “new” look, I shared my remaining to-do list for this space but also noted that I fully intended to let the remaining items on the to-do list happen naturally…. as in without rushing it. I have summer coming up and will have a lot more time on my hands, so I was totally happy letting the few unfinished items remain until I had more of a clear vision.
bedroom_mirror_navy_headboard_bridgetAnd that’s pretty much been the bedroom status for the past month — no changes (especially since Casey’s guest room, patio and then Katie’s nursery have been on the top of the priority list). And as much as I love decor, DIY, and changing things up in our house (sometimes a bit too much), I actually don’t like rushing into these decor changes. I have found that when I rush to check a space off of my to-do list, I end up forcing it, making/buying something I don’t love, and then totally having design regret later. <— I’ve made this mistake far too many times and I’m trying to learn from these mistakes. target_decor.41 PMSo living with my current bedroom situation was a perfect “break”. I of course had my eyes peeled while I was out and about, but I promised myself that I would only buy something if I was in l-o-v-e… even if it took me a year (secretly I was hoping it wouldn’t take thaaattttt long).

Well, while I was out “browsing”  I stumbled upon this gorgeous and AFFORDABLE brass mirror from Target. I wasn’t sure if the 28″ diameter was the right size but I did love the look and really loved the $49 price-tag! So like anyone who is thinking rationally in Target, I told myself I would buy it, take it home, try it on for size, and if I didn’t love it….. make it work somewhere else I would take it back.
bedroom_mirror_navy_headboard_bridget-15So I brought it home, watched Matt’s eyes get really big, and immediately brought it back to the bedroom to see if this gem would fit above the bed (trying to remind myself that if I didn’t love the look, size, color, etc. that I HAD to take it back in order to avoid another case of design regret — no matter how gorgeous I thought this piece was).
bedroom_mirror_navy_headboard_bridget-3The GREAT news is that the mirror FIT. The color was perfect. I loved the size. And the new piece magically made our room feel bigger & brighter. <— even Matt was a fan! bedroom_mirror_navy_headboard_bridget-11I love the thin build of this brass mirror and how the metallic pairs with the navy headboard. bedroom_mirror_navy_headboard_bridget-8And for any of you who have had experience hanging a round mirror, you’ll understand when me when I say how grateful I am that this mirror only had ONE hole in the back to hang it. There was no struggling to try and measure/line-up two holes across from each other. If the drill didnt die on us, Casey and I could have had had this mirror hung in 5 minutes (no joke) because literally all it required was an anchor + screw and and barely any measuring. #teamworkbedroom_mirror_navy_headboard_bridget-4I definitely didn’t anticipate to find the right piece for above the mirror this quickly, but I’m glad I did. I’m even happier that I waited to find a piece that I really LOVED and was EXCITED to add to this room, rather than settling for something I didn’t love just to fill the empty space.
bedroom_mirror_navy_headboard_bridget-14And speaking of waiting for something I love… I need some advice on our light fixture situation. Don’t get me wrong, I really loved this fixture when we first put it up and still loved it before the bedroom refresh. But now that our room is heading in a slightly different design direction, I don’t feel like it fits the room that well anymore. The silver, rustic fixture reflecting against the brass mirror just doesn’t seem to “go” very well. But the problem is — I don’t exactly know what fixture I do envision in this space.

I feel like if I did brass, the room would start becoming too matchy-matchy (been there, not going back). But the silver finish really isn’t working. Shall I go with a more neutral flush mount? I’ve also thought about a flush mount with a hint of black? If you have any ideas or suggestions, I’m all ears! I want something simple and clean… and of course something that gives off enough light but beyond that, I’m very open-minded. But like I did for the mirror, I’m hoping to take my time and wait for something I see that I’m OBSESSED with before making any decisions.

That strategy seemed to work this time around; here’s to hoping the same rings true for the remaining bedroom to-do list:

  • Find something to hang above the bed
  • Change the light fixture
  • DIY a bench for the end of the bed 
  • Add a plant/accessories

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