Moving into our Chicago Pad

 (Disclaimer: We have partnered with PODS to bring you this post. All opinions expressed are 100% our own, and are not influenced by PODS.)

As you saw yesterday, we found a place to live! Cue: happy dance.

Our new empty living room in the Chicago condo

But you also saw that our new home was very, very empty. That’s because since mid-September our belongings have been safe and sound in our PODS container.  That container has been sitting at a storage center in Bensenville, IL just waiting for us to find a new home.  It was finally time to open that bad boy up!

Finn packed the POD perfectly so it was ready for transit

Back in St. Louis, I was just able to have the container dropped right off in our building’s back alley. But bigger cities (like New York & Chicago) have laws against containers on city property.  So because of Chicago’s city laws my PODS container could not be dropped off at our new place.

Luckily, PODS has a solution for delivering to these urban areas and they told me all about it when I booked my container. They partner with a local moving company in your new city (in my case, EMS Moving) and they act as a “shuttle” between your container and your new home.

PODS partners with local moving companies to make your move easier

So I called up EMS Moving, set up my move time, got my container key over to them, and they handled everything.

Carefully wrapped furniture is kept safe during the move

They emptied our PODS container on-site at the storage center, wrapped up our furniture to protect it (way better than we did by the way…), and loaded it into their moving truck.

EMS Moving helped us with our move to Chicago

All we had to do was show up the day of the move and tell their team where to put everything.

Movers helping load a mattress into the elevator

For them…lots of carrying, sweating, and lifting of heavy boxes.

For me…lots of pointing, door holding, and hemming and hawing over what to order for lunch.

A full moving truck - lots of unpacking to do!

Dang, they made moving pretty darn easy!

Having helpers while moving always makes the stressful process easier

They brought 5 helpers (5!!), including our favorite guy, Chris. He was a rockstar and made sure everything went smoothly for us.

Finally - an almost empty moving truck!

With all of the help, our truck was empty in no time at all. Now I’m left with a place packed full of stuff.

A messy bedroom full of things that need a new home
Piles and piles of boxes and bags to sort and unpack

Time to unpack…who’s coming over to help?

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