New Plush Bathroom Towels

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Towels are like the frosting of a bathroom. They’re the light, fluffy final touch on the space and make a boring space look that much more sweet. Master-Bathroom

But I’m very particular when it comes to towels, and I’m pretty sure it drives my husband nuts. I like to have the ones on the towel bar above the toilet perfectly positioned, and looking fluffy and well-folded 24/7. He doesn’t exactly agree with me on this one. Instead, I constantly find globs of hair product and toothpaste on my “model” towels.

Grrrr. Doesn’t he know that the big bath towels are for bathing, washcloths are for washing your hands off, and model towels have a big “DO NOT TOUCH” sign on them? Plush-white-bath-towels

But I’m happy to say… I think our towel war is finally coming to an end! I recently received a bunch of new towels from JCPenney and they are amazing! So amazing that I think I convinced my husband to keep them looking good for as long as possible.

They’re from the Royal Velvet Signature Soft Collection…and I think the name says it all. These bad boys are so soft and the “royal” and “velvet” in the name is spot-on. They’re 100% cotton, and have a luxurious softness that makes you feel regal. Hand-Towels

I love white towels (I got the “bright white”) but they also offer 11 other colors. So, I decided to pick up some “night shadow blue” towels for my big brother, Ryan. The vibrant color is gorgeous, and I almost considered keeping them for myself. #SorryRySoft-TowelsBlue-White-Towels-on-Bed

I mean they’re just so darn soft…like as-soft-as-my-sheepskin-rug-soft. Like makes-you-want-to-curl-up-in-a-ball-and-take-a-nap on them soft. Like as-soft-as-the-bristles-on-my-makeup-brush-soft. White-washclothWhite-Towels-On-Rack

Now the big question…will Finn keep my “model” towels looking pristine and fluffy? Honestly, I don’t think it matters anymore. I was able to scoop up so many towels because of their price (only $16 for the big bath towels), so that means he can actually use the model towels to wash his hands. Then when guests come over I can quickly swap out my 2nd pair of hand towels on the rod. It’s a win-win in our marriage playbook…towels for everyone!


P.S. Am I the only crazy one or does anyone else like to have their display towels looking folded and fluffy all the time?

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