Our New Stackable Laundry from Maytag

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Last Friday, we chatted about our big plans for our laundry room space and I’m happy to report that I already have 1 item crossed off our to-do list.

casey-maytag-washer-dryerWe officially have a new washer and dryer courtesy of Maytag! If you read last week’s post, then you know we had some concerns with our old stackable laundry unit. They were pretty darn old and were definitely on their last leg. Every time we used it we crossed our fingers that it wouldn’t quit on us. These new appliances arrived just in time and I am in l-o-v-e, and dare I say…I’m kinda excited now when I do laundry?!casey-laundry-bedroom

maytag-washer-dryerLet’s first talk about how sexy these bad boys are in our laundry closet. I never knew that I could love the aesthetic of appliances, but these new ones changed my mind. I mean c’mon…how can you not get all heart-eyed staring at these sleek & modern appliances?!

maytag-dryerHonestly, I never really thought that we could have an upgraded laundry unit specifically because of the size of our little laundry closet. All of the stackable appliances I’ve seen have been really old school OR could often only do tiny loads at a time. This Maytag washer & dryer can be installed either side-by-side, or on top of one another. So it’s a “normal” size and not one specific for city living…which I love!

Washer Features

maytag-laundry-basket-washerBut I’m being so shallow by only chatting about the looks of this unit because this washer and dryer is so much more than that! As an adult, I’ve never had a washing machine that was “fancy.” Instead it’s always been pretty basic settings like hot, cold, normal wash, etc. The front load washer has some crazy features, that I cannot wait to take advantage of.

maytag-laundry-detergentFirst let’s chat about the cleaning power. This baby has the best cleaning power in the industry because of its PowerWash system. But that’s not it. There is an optimal dose dispenser that you fill up with detergent. You can pour in detergent for up to 12 loads of laundry, and then it will automatically dispense the right amount based on that load. Say what?! That means you have to fill it up with detergent 1 out of every 12 times you do laundry. For us that would mean we only have to put in detergent every 6 weeks. I’m loving this machine already.

washing-machine-maytag-controlsBut wait, there’s another feature that this lazy laundry gal can’t get enough of (& this feature just might be my favorite). I don’t know about you, but I often put in laundry and then my mind gets wrapped up in 12 other tasks while my clothes are being washed and I forget about it. In fact, in our house it’s a running joke when my husband says, “Casey…did you leave clothes in the wash again?” Palm meet forehead. It happens all.the.time.washer-sheets-maytag

This washer has a Fresh Hold option where it tumbles loads and circulates air with a built-in fan for up to 12 hours. That means no more not-so-fresh clothing that you forget about and inevitably have to re-wash. Instead, the machine will keep it going until after the wash cycle ends to keep your clothes fresh. This is going to be a lifesaver for me, and for my marriage. Ha!maytag-direct-drive-laundry-soap

Dryer Features

dryer-maytag-applianceOnto the dryer. If you guys read this post, then you know that washing our sheets is a part of my Sunday routine. casey-bedroom-making-bedBecause there’s just nothing like starting your week off right with a clean bed. So on Sunday, you’ll often find me going back and forth to the dryer to make sure all of our sheets, blankets, and duvet are drying properly. casey-sheets-bedroomAnd when it’s full, that can mean lots of pulling things out, re-arranging them to expose the wet spots, and then throwing it back in for more time. But now I won’t need to do that with this new dryer. The advanced moisture sensing technology gets large loads evenly dried.

casey-laundry-washerIt’s safe to say that I’m pretty obsessed with our new laundry unit. If you’re shopping for appliances, I’d definitely check these ones out.  The installation was a breeze, Maytag products are all designed, engineered, and assembled in America, and we’ve had nothing but great experiences every time we do laundry! Plus, we love this “one-stop shopping” resource for tips, tricks and advice for just about any question you may have about your Maytag product…. literally, this guide covers all the things!

laundry-bedroomSo now that this item is crossed off my laundry closet to-do list, it looks like I have some woodworking ahead of me. I’m thinking new wood trim around the closet will be my next big project around here. Stay tuned!!


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