Why We Are Both Obsessed with This $14 Lip Stain

We definitely don’t consider ourselves to be beauty aficionados by any means. We don’t have any idea how to contour, most of our makeup comes from the drug store, and our makeup bags are pretty sparse. But you must believe us when we say that we found the best lip stain of all time. And it has changed our beauty game!All hail the perfect lip stain

That may sound like an exaggeration, but it really isn’t. We both are obsessed with this lip stain from Sephora. But the best part about this lip stain? It’s only $14. Yep, less than 20 bucks for our favorite new beauty product.We are so happy with this product- you're going to love it

We both like having a little color on our lips, especially when getting dressed up or when taking photos for the blog, and this stain works great because the color lasts. You can put it on in the morning and by the end of the day…it’s still there! But it doesn’t get all crusty and gross on ya. You know how some lip stains can really make your lips look dry or feel sticky? This one doesn’t do that at all.  Instead, the color just stays on nicely!This shade is perfect for summer

In order to get the best application, we suggest keeping your lips really hydrated. If they’re dry at all, it will definitely show when you wear the stain. So use a lip exfoliator (we love this one!), and then put on your favorite lip balm.This red is stunning when you need a bold lip

We will usually put lip balm on right when starting to do our makeup, so it can settle into our lips. Then we take about 10 minutes to do our face makeup, and then finish it off with the lip stain. That way your lips are soft from the balm, but it has absorbed a bit already. The lip stain dries immediately, so you’re left with a nice color on your lips and you can go about the rest of your day.

Our Go-to Lip Stain Colors

There are a lot of colors to choose from…here are the ones we both own.

African Violet

Neither one of us can get enough of this shade- we've been wearing it for months!

This is the perfect hot pink color and we both wore the heck out of it this summer. It isn’t too bubblegum or too purple, instead it’s a nice in between color. Now that the temps are cooling down, we may retire this color for the next few months.

Flame RedJust one of the many color options to choose from

Looking to get the classic red lip look? This color is for you! It’s not too orangey, and instead is a true bold red. Plus, we love that it’s matte and not shiny. We will both be wearing a lot of this color during the holiday season.

Pink SouffleThis neutral pink adds just enough color for every day wear

This soft pink mimics the color of your normal lips, but it gives them a tiny hint of color. This is a good one for work, or on days when you want to wear a color on your lips, but don’t want to have a statement lip. Neither of us have dark or big lips, so wearing a little pink on our lips helps to define them and make them stand out a bit more.You'll want to stock up on so many colors- and you can! It's only $14!

So are you convinced to hop aboard the lip stain train? We were hesitant at first, but are so happy we now added a few tubes to our makeup bags. Now we’re eager to add a few more colors to our repertoire. Definitely eyeing this “Rose Wood” color for fall and this pretty “Watermelon Slice” color. Don’t be surprised if our lips are soon every color of the rainbow. Ha!


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