Office Plans for the Bedroom

I’ve spent the past 4 months blogging from either…

  1. Our kitchen island
  2. Our bed

Casey-bed-computer-laptopNot exactly the best spots to get work done quickly, efficiently, and without food stains (the kitchen “work space” can get a little messy come dinnertime). But since we don’t have a designated “office” in our home, I’ve been confused as to where to work and where to store all of our office stuff. My laptop is typically shoved in a drawer in the kitchen, while my office supplies are a disorganized mess in the guest room closet.

With the new year, I figured it was finally time to tackle my lack of a work space and get organized for the year ahead. Because our master bedroom is the biggest room in the house, I knew it was a good spot for a neat & streamlined desk area.

Here’s the area I’m talking about.


Not the largest space in the world, but plenty big for a desk, chair, and accessories. With the storage provided by our new nightstands, I no longer needed this larger dresser. It’s now in a new home with a friend.

With the space empty, it was time to come up with a gameplan for the office nook. Because this is our bedroom, I don’t want to do too much in the corner. It needs to remain calming & free of too much “stuff.” Here’s some inspiration I found of small work spaces.


Image via The Everygirl

ashley-ella-design-desk-officeImage via Ashley Ella Design


Image via The Fashionista’s Diary

With the dresser now gone, I’ve been doing some shopping for the space. I definitely want a white desk with an upholstered chair. As for over the desk, I’m not sure if I’ll do a gallery wall or shelves. I’m nervous shelves may crowd the room a bit, but it sure would be nice to have some extra storage.  Here’s my little dream board for my new “office.”

Office Mood Board

Desk // Pouf // Chair // Lamp // Print // Plant // Pillow // Stapler // Macbook Air

Next week, I’ll show you my progress on this little area. I can’t even tell you how excited I am that I’ll soon have a new spot to sit and get ‘er done. No more typing away while sitting hunched over in the middle of my bed. I don’t know who is more excited…me or my aching back.


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