Organization Updates & Reflections… plus a sneak peek!

How is it already February?!Conversation-Hearts-Candy-Bowl-hands Crazy how time flies these days! We wanted to quickly check-in this morning with the SparkNotes version of our organization updates from January, while giving you a few hints about what’s in store this month here on the DIY Playbook. You ready?!

We loved the fresh start 2015 brought and used it to motivate ourselves to give some much needed attention to our everyday organizational dilemmas. We tried to tackle each organizational problem with an affordable, attainable solution. So far, these solutions have definitely held up! If you missed some of the projects, here’s a list of links from last month’s noteworthy organizational tutorials:

Busy Girl’s Guide to setting up an easy, household Filing System
How to Clean & Organize your Make-up Brushes
How to Organize Nora Fleming Minis for $5
How we organize our time: A breakdown of Casey & Bridget’s typical day
How to organize all your random cords
How to stay organized in a small space (Apartment or Small Home)
How to organize your tools
How to organize your purse
How to organize photography equipment <– Our first iHeartOrganizing Post!
6 Tips to help you organize your bathroom

As much as we loved sharing our organizing adventures, our FAVORITE posts from last month were the ones when we shared Casey’s gorgeous wedding! (If you missed them, you have to check them out here and here).

What a perfect day!

As for February’s agenda, we are excited for what’s on-deck! Of course we can’t spill all of the beans, but here are a few of the things we’ll definitely be tackling/sharing: #getexcited

-A few Valentine’s Projects
-Chalkboard Updates
-The Boys of DIY Playbook are taking over The DIY Playbook: they’ll be sharing a special LOVE-HATE relationship they have in common. (Hmm….)
-B’s Backsplash Reveal is almost here! (Check our Instagram for a sneak peek)
-We both got NEW bedding!! (and can’t wait to share)
-We are also airing our first video of the year. (It’s actually a solo appearance from one of us!)

For more breaking news, come join our FacebookInstagram Team. <– this may pay off for you this month. #HINT #HINT

Bridget and Casey SignatureHow was your January?! Did you tackle any organization projects that were on your to-do list?! We’d love to hear about them!! 

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