How To Organize your Purse

Your every day purse can be the most important part of your outfitMy Purse/Work Bag: Well, let’s just say it’s pretty much my lifeline every single day. It carries absolutely everything I need on a daily basis and then some. Wallet, receipts, work ID, bus pass, keys, cell phone, sunglasses, makeup, contacts, you name it…I’ve probably got it in my bag. Even though this bag is so important, it’s often neglected and consequently turns into a carrier of chaos. “Carrier of Chaos”…this sounds like a horror movie.
Just a few of the items you can find in my purse on any given daySee, I told you I carry a lot of stuff in my bag. And this might be edited down a bit, so you guys don’t think I’m too much of a scary, hoarder lady.

Because I received an amazing new bag for Christmas (more on that in a bit) I decided it was finally time to take on the task of editing and organizing my bag. And I didn’t just mean throw away some old receipts and gum wrappers…I wanted to come up with an organization solution that would work today and every day.

How to Organize your Purse

Tips to organize your purse1. Dump it Out

I dumped everything out of my bag, emptying all zippers and small pouches.

2. Pare Down

Then, I filed receipts, threw away garbage, and ditched any expired products.Empty your wallet

3. Collect Loose Change

I went through my wallet and got it back to working order. I emptied 90% of my loose change into our home’s change bowl, and then kept some in a zippered compartment in my wallet. Wow, it was already 3 lbs lighter. If only losing weight was that easy! A wallet with compartments helps to keep you organized

4. Organize Wallet

I’m a big fan of wallets with multiple compartments. An area for my cash, credit cards, license, and a small section for that week’s receipts. I also love being able to zip it all up, so everything stays snug and in place.

5. Add a Small Bag for Makeup

I used to just throw my makeup and accessories into my bag. But I’ve realized that having a small separate pouch in my large purse, keeps things a lot more organized and easy to find. Bridget got me this glamorous black, white, and gold one and it’s the perfect size for all of my makeup essentials. Keep cards and gift cards organized in a small purse

6. Gather Gift Cards & Business Cards

I have this small zippered Lululemon pouch for all of our current gift cards. I don’t always keep this on me (I don’t want to lose them all at once), but if I’m going shopping I’ll often pop this in my bag.

Organize your gift cards and business cardsIt’s nice to have all gift cards in one place, as I often forget what I have on hand. I also purchased a business card holder for my bag. They used to get all bent when I would just tuck them in my purse, and this cheap-o case keeps them looking sleek and professional. I condensed my mess to just a few bagsThings were looking much better! Instead of a big pile of junk, I now had separated items organized in individual bags and pouches.

Finally, time to load my bag back up. My husband was definitely listening when I gushed about this bag back in December. I wanted it because it seemed roomy enough to hold work files and my laptop, and stylish enough to use for the everyday. Plus, I love having a zippered top on my bags for when I ride public transportation (safety first!)

I got it for Christmas and I can see why people love it so much. There are so many compartments! I used to be the girl digging in her black hole of a purse, freezing outside our building, as I quickly searched for our keys. Now, that is definitely not the case. Now it's easy to find everything I needEverything has a home in this bag, and I can find my items in only a few moments. It’s pretty awesome.

Tips to Organize your Purse

So what are my big takeaways from organizing my new bag?

  • Before you fill it up…toss old items and pare down
  • Use smaller pouches to keep things separated in your large bag
  • Find a bag that makes organizing easy (think lots of compartments and zippers!)


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