How to Organize Your Gift Bags for FREE

You just can’t run away from any and all types of organizing this month. January just seems to have that magic touch of kicking us all in gear and making us feel like we’re slobs that shove everything into hidden places and hope they disappear. One of those items that really does seem to hide in those deep dark closet places when I really need them?

Gift bags.

When I receive a gift in a gift bag, if the bag is still in great shape (which it usually is), you can bet that this girl stashes it away with the full intention to use that sucker again. Call me cheap, call me crazy, just don’t call me to buy a new gift bag- ain’t happenin’ here!

Thanks to January, I’m saying NO to those hiding gift bags and I’m getting them ORGANIZED, so they can get in that gift rotation once again.

Organizing Gift Bags

Organizing Giftbags
This project can be done in probably 5 minutes, and I would even bet my paycheck to say that 99% of you have the necessary supplies to recreate this DIY in your place right.this.minute. Five minutes, FREE supplies, and a chance to tell that looming January guilt to get lost?! What are we waiting for… let’s do this!
How to organize giftbags
You will need- a large retail bag and an old hanger.
Rookie Tip: I would recommend using the retail bag that is the most sturdy…. the thicker the better.
giftbag organizing
Now, peel all of those old gift bags out of those deep dark closets and gather them into one neat pile.
What to do with old gift bags
If you have any more large retail bags laying around with no real place to call “home”, you can get those out and put them in a nice pile as well.
giftbags organized
Now all you have to do is take both piles and place them neatly into the large retail bag that you started with. (It’s okay if they’re larger than the bag and peeking out the top, that’s normal).
bag organization
I also added in some gift boxes that I have received and plan to reuse. As long as all of my gift bags are in one place, why not include the gift boxes too?
bag hanger
Take the handles of the large retail bag that is holding all of your gift bags and wrap them around the neck of the hanger.
hang in a closet
Hang that hanger of gift bags somewhere in your closet, coat closet, laundry room, or storage room and you are DONE organizing those extra gift bags that always seemed to be hiding when you needed them. When it comes time to wrap a new gift, all you have to do is take down your hanging bag, pick out your favorite one and hang the rest back up!
If you really want to get crazy, you can even put a package of tissue paper into your new gift bag organizer and this will be a one-stop-shopping wrapping station!


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