Organizing your Refrigerator in Style

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Keeping my refrigerator organized is not always on the top of my priority list. Usually, the only priority I put on my refrigerator to-do list is making sure it has a few essentials to get me through the week’s breakfast and lunch necessities. To be quite honest, I’m not even to the point of stocking that bad boy with a full week’s of dinner grub, just getting the breakfast/lunch combo down has been challenging enough. Sad story right?

Well…I have recently committed myself to organizing the refrigerator in hopes that organizing will lead to stocking those shelves, which will e.v.e.n.t.u.a.l.l.y, maaaybbeeeee lead to consistently cooking. First breakfast, then lunch, and then maybe, even possibly… dinner.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Today’s first step: organizing the refrigerator.

Fridge Coasters

Enter this fabulous package of fridge coasters. Just like the name implies, these coasters are placed on your refrigerator’s shelves to keep them clean from spills, crumbs, fingerprints or whatever else sneaks in there. Plus, they add some fashion to those otherwise plain, boring shelves.

Fridge Coaster in Gray
Plus, these coasters are eco-friendly & recyclable, made to fit your refrigerator’s shelf size, can be wiped down and used again, and come in a variety of colors & patterns! Should I keep going?!
Fridge Coaster Sharpie and Washi Tape

I’ll stop blabbing about these treasures, but I won’t stop the organizing just yet. Confession: Don’t be too impressed.  I figured if I kept organizing, I wouldn’t have to start cooking.

Next step: labeling produce and leftovers to ensure freshness. All you need is washi tape ($.99 @ JoAnn Fabrics on sale) and a Sharpie marker.

Fresh Raspberries and Fridge Coasters

Take your fresh produce, wash, drain, cover, and label!

Fresh berries and washi tape label

The washi tape is temporary, so you can slap it on any Tupperware and write the date when you bought/washed/cooked your dish. This way you’ll make sure everything you’re eating is fresh.

Organized refrigerator

When you’re done with the Tupperware, you can easily peel off the washi tape and throw it away! Done & done.

Organizing the fridge
Gray patterned fridge coasters
Organizing your fridge
How to organize your fridge
Good News & Bad News. 
The bad news first. 
Bad news: Now that my refrigerator is officially organized, it looks like I have no choice but to move forward and tackle a recipe or two. Hopefully, a new project pops up before then. Now that I think of it, our kitchen cabinets are a mess 😉    
Gray patterned fridge coasters
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