DIY Mystery Supply Challenge

We’re always up for a friendly challenge, especially when it entails CRAFTING & CHRISTMAS (two of our favorites)! So when Caitlin from Desert Domicile invited us to be a part of her DIY Mystery Supply Challenge, it was a no-brainer– of course we were in (plus, we love her style and were excited to team up with such a talented group)!

Mystery Supply Challenge Talk about a creative group of rockstar bloggers! That part makes us super excited. The Mystery Supply part… ohhhh boy, this is going to be interesting.  Every blogger has to use the “Mystery Supplies” to come up with a DIY Christmas Ornament(s) to debut on each of our blogs next Monday. With all the amazingly talented ladies within the Challenge and the supply requirements, we’re a little a lot nervoussssss.

The Mystery Supplies for this challenge?

chopped ornamentsHere’s what ALL of us will be working with:

1. Clear Ornaments
2. Paint Pen (any color)
3. Ribbon (any kind)
4. Faux Snow
**Note: You don’t have to use ALL of the materials listed but you are more than welcome to do so. Beyond those creative guidelines… there are no limits, we are all welcome to use additional materials as well! 
Here are the required materials we plan to use (along with a bonus ingredient we had lying around).

clear ornamentspaint markerribbonThe pressure is on! We have exactly ONE week to whip up these clear ornaments into gorgeous creations to share with all of YOU. Eeekkk…..

We have already been kicking around a few ideas, and we have some inspiration to work with (we’re keeping our fingers crossed that our plan plays out the way we imagine it!). If you follow us on Instagram, we’ll try to post some clues as we create our masterpiece(s). Until then, count on the big reveal right here NEXT MONDAY! Wish us luck…. (we’ll need it).

IMG_7176Oh, and here’s a sneak peek at one of the additional ingredients we think we’ll be adding to the mix! Hmmm…. Gold & Glamorous. #hinthint

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