Our Home’s Half Birthday

Happy 1/2 Birthday to the Longview Lodge! It’s been 6 months since Matt and I closed on the charming house that we now call home. To honor this fabulous occasion, we are celebrating with a new DIY project dedicated to our baby lodge.

We have decided to dress up our entryway with a picture of the gorgeous birthday boy. (Side note: If you’re eyeing our “new” pew and thinking… wait, what.is.that? Stay tuned for our big reveal coming soon).

Here’s a closer look at the wall we’re working with. Before we could hang a new picture, we needed a frame or two… or three?
We bought three frames at Target; 2 with mats framing a 5×7 picture and one with a mat framing an 8×10 opening. A picture of the Lodge will be placed in the middle, but can you guess what will be placed in the other two frames?
If you guessed “our childhood homes”… you’re right! 

Since it has been 6 months, we have officially decided to add our little charmer to the family. It’s quite the honor to add this newbie alongside the veteran homes that mean the world to Matt and me.

Although the Longview Lodge has a lot to live up to, we couldn’t be more excited or more proud to add him to this famous line-up.

If the Lodge lives up to the legacy of his competition, he will be quite a legend someday. But since it’s only his 1/2 birthday, he definitely has a long road a head of him.

And in the meantime, we will be enjoying the journey and thanking our lucky stars for a home that we absolutely adore.
P.S. Just a friendly reminder that there is less than week left in our Challenge Loop competition. All submissions are due next Wednesday, May 29th. Finish up your DIY projects and head on over to our challenge loop page for your chance to win $50 to Target.