10 Tips for Decorative Pillows

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again..and again…and again. We’ve got a serious thing for throw pillows. In fact, you may have to call it a shopping obsession. If we see a cute decorative pillow, at a decent price, you better believe it’s hopping into our carts.
Lucky for us (& our wallets) many of our favorite stores have great pillows with inexpensive price tags. I mean, have you been to the HomeGoods pillow aisle? It makes you want to curl up and take a nap right there amongst all of the fluff, color, and pattern.

10 Tips for Decorative Pillows

So enough chatting about pillows, let’s get to the eye candy…Adding a decorative pillow to your bed is a great design addition.
Casey: I’ve got a few decorative pillows on our master bedding. The gray geometric ones and the light blue are HomeGoods. All were pretty inexpensive, which makes me feel better if I ever want to change the color scheme in there. Come read about our bedroom over in this post. The blue decorative pillow is a nice accent to the grays and whites in the bed spread.
Casey: We’ve got lots of gray and blue tones in our family room area. Most of these pillows are HomeGoods finds. Typically if I find something in our color scheme, I scoop it up right away!
Decorative throw pillows work together in different color tones.

Bridget: Much like Casey, I stick with the cool colored pillows as well. I find that I’m often drawn to blue pillows, striped pillows, soft geometric prints or pillows with a hint of nautical.

Decorative throw pillows work great on a couch.
I scored the watercolor print on major clearance at JC Penny’s and the rest of the blue pillow rotation at HomeGoods.
A decorative throw pillow works great on an individual chair.
Bridget: Again, I’m a sucker for stripes. This pillow was in the clearance aisle at HomeGoods and adds a whole different color and texture combo to this floral print chair. As far as I’m concerned, mixing and matching prints is always a great idea (even if my mom tends to disagree).Throw pillows of different sizes add dimension to a room.
Bridget: Are you surprised? More stripes! These nautical pillows were all HomeGoods scores. I like that each is a different size and adds a little extra dimension to the bed. I think I scored all of these for $30 total! Plus, when I get tired of this combination in our bedroom, I switch out some of the pillows from other rooms and have a whole new look in each area of my home!
Decorative throw pillows look great with outside furniture.
Bridget: Don’t be fooled, pillows aren’t just for the indoors. I scored the majority of these outdoor pillows at SteinMart. I love that I was able to step outside my traditional pillow style and add some serious pops of color to our outdoor patio. Of course, I don’t leave these out all of the time, but they add a whole new level of coziness to our outdoor patio when it’s time to relax or entertain!Decorative throw pillows put add a unique touch to any room.

10 Tips for Decorative Pillows

  1. Find pillows with a zippered, removable cover. That way you can keep the cushion and find new covers if you’re looking to change things up. Major cost saver.
  2. Zippered covers also come in handy for washing. You can easily toss it into the wash and you’re good to go!
  3. We try not to spend more than $25 for a single pillow. We try and aim for $12-$16. Look for steals, sales, and clearance sections. You can find some great stuff if you’re patient.
  4. Avoid being too matchy-matchy. That goes for color, texture, and pattern. Change it up and you’ll have a more appealing, layered look.Decorative pillows with different patterns and textures compliment each other.
  5. Incorporate a wide variety of pillow sizes on couches and beds.
  6. As with most home decor, group pillows in odd numbers (we prefer 3’s & 5’s)
  7. Switch pillows from room to room around your home for a “fresh” look without a new price-tag.
  8. Only buy pillows that you absolutely LOVE; don’t just buy to buy. If you wait for a pillow you really love, rather than just settling with what’s in stock or available, you’ll tend to use it for a lot longer and will continue to love it every time you look at it, which is way better than always looking at that pillow and wishing you never bought it.
  9. Choose pillows that fit your style… no one else’s! With Pinterest, the blogosphere & every amazing Home Decor magazine putting you on decor overload, sometimes it’s easy to adopt someone else’s style rather than embrace your own style. Buy pillows that fit YOUR style, even if that style is different than what’s the most pinned. You’re the one that has to cuddle up with it at the end of the day… be proud!
  10. When you find the perfect pillow combinations, do NOT forget the most important part – – kicking up your feet up, cozying up on that adorable couch & enjoying all of your new fluffy friends!Throw pillows are a great element for any couch.
We hope this helps with your next pillow shopping trip. For more tips on choosing the perfect decorative pillows in your home, come read this pillow decorating mistake.


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