What to Pack for an International Trip

Today is the day Finn & I have been waiting for for months. We leave for Italy tonight after work! I can hardly contain myself, I’m so eager to get there and see the gorgeous country with my own eyes. 

I know I’ve been chatting about it a lot these last few months as we’ve prepped for the trip (thanks for bearing with me by the way), and during that time I’ve done a lot of research. What can I say? I just like to have all of the facts when it comes to prepping for things, and a vacation is no different.

I have done some international travel in my lifetime, but not much. And it certainly has been awhile since I’ve traveled to Europe. So while I feel like I’ve got the domestic flight thing down pat, I felt a bit clueless as to what items I would need for a trip to Italy. After chatting with lots of friends who have been there before, I made a list and got to work gathering the essentials. Here are a few things I’m packing for our international trip.

My International Travel Essentials

Away Luggage

I just splurged on this new luggage and I’m already in love. It is lightweight and the “medium” size is incredibly roomy. I love the charcoal color too.

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Packing Cubes

I’ve heard stellar reviews about packing cubes and this is my first time using them for a trip. Word on the street, you can fit tons more into your suitcase using these bad boys. I’m hoping they get the job done for this overpacker.

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Rick Steves Italy Book

Finn’s aunt gave us this book for our upcoming trip and I devoured it. It’s chock-full of useful information and really helped as we planned our adventures. I’ll be bringing it along with me so I can refresh my memory on each city before we arrive. Plus there are easy translations in the back for reference!

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Adapter Plug

I picked up a 3-pack of adapters so we should stay all charged up during our trip. At first I wasn’t 100% sure which plugs we needed, but after some research I found that Italy uses “Type L” adapters. Make sure you research your destination before getting some for your next international trip.

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Portable Charger

We purchased portable chargers for our trip to Iceland and they were a lifesaver! Our phones never lost battery and we were able to navigate and take pictures constantly.

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Travel Neck Pillow

Guys…I am so not looking forward to that long flight overseas. But I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get some shut eye (with the help of some Tylenol PM…) during those long hours. This neck pillow should help too!

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Light Scarf

Many of my girlfriends warned me that I you can’t get into many of the churches in Italy if your shoulders are showing. I plan to keep a scarf with me so I can cover those suckers up when we head indoors. This neutral scarf will also be an essential on the plane to keep me warm and cozy.

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Wine Opener

My friend Lauren mentioned that she and her husband would often grab a bottle of wine and just go sit in a cool area for lunch. However, instead of searching for a wine opener when in Italy, she said to bring your own in your suitcase. This cheap one fits the bill.

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I plan to have an entire post dedicated to what clothes and shoes I packed for our 12-day trip to Italy, but I figured I’d write that when we get back. That way I can tell you if I packed correctly, or totally missed the boat on what to bring. Fingers crossed this chronic overpacker brought all of the right things…

Finn & I purchased a data plan, so I’ll definitely be posting on social media over the course of our trip.  I also plan to do lots of Insta Stories while we’re there, so be sure to follow along as we eat our weight in cheese and drink all of the wine!

A big thanks to Bridget for holding down the fort while I’m away. She has some BIG NEWS planned for the next 2 weeks and I cannot wait to read all of your reactions when I get back.

Until then…ciao friends!


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