Paint Swatch Garland

Here’s a short, sweet and super cheap way to add a hint of V-day into your love shack.
 Paint Swatch Art
Collect Paint Swatches. Use these swatches to cut as many hearts (any & all sizes) as you can. I drew different sized hearts onto the first swatch and used that one as my template for the rest. To get the most bang for your buck, make sure to cut more than one heart per swatch.
 Paint Swatch Garland Tutorial
1. I used a needle and kite string to thread these hearts together. Thread the heart from the bottom up
2. …and then about an inch over, thread the needle through the heart the other way.
3. Continue to thread each heart onto the kite string (hint: do NOT cut the kite string until you are done threading all of your hearts. This will ensure that you are guaranteed to fit each heart onto the string)
4. The best part of the thread is that you can adjust the space between each heart before, during, and after the craft. This is perfect so when you go to hang your heart garland, you arrange the hearts to fit perfectly into your space! And the best part is that you will be able to move your hearts along the line of garland, but they won’t move along the line without your help. #gottaloveit
5. Hang & admire!

Paint Swatch Garland

Here’s a look at all of my garland piled up. Holy tangles, combining several strands of garland at once was not a good idea at all.

Valentine's Day Garland
Easy Valentine's Day Crafts
Free Valentine's Day Craft
To think that this super simple (and practically FREE) project could be applied for ANY holiday is just too good to be true. Shamrocks for St Patty’s? Eggs for Easter? Stars & Stripes for the 4th? Thank goodness it’s only February!

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