Patio Makeover Series: the dirty work

Excuse the mess, we are currently knee deep in all things dirt, dust, and overall ugliness. As we mentioned before, the Longview Lodge is undergoing a facelift- complete with new landscaping, actual grass, fresh trees, and even a fabulous patio. We started off with this mess….

And now, thanks to our non-DIY landscaping skills, a group of hardworking professionals have transformed the original mess into a whole new level of ew. But trust me when I say: this craziness we call our property will be worth it in the end.  

This is a pile of all the random roots that were hiding under the layer of weeds we used to call our lawn. I’m sure our lawnmower won’t miss running over these bad boys anymore.

Here are some progress pictures of our future patio (check out my vision for this future space here)!
It’s coming around… kinda?

These large holes will eventually be filled with some privacy pines. I’m thinking that “privacy pines” is not the official name for them, but you get the point.

No more weeds! Hip, Hip, Hoo-ray!

A large part of this landscaping remodel is based on installing a pipe system that will take care of any standing water on the property, hence the need to call in the professionals. These deep ditches will allow all of the gutter water to tie into this sophisticated drainage system that will be installed throughout the property.

While we’re landscaping, we decided to add a little more curb appeal to our front yard. The landscaping professional insisted that it would be best if we took out what we had and started from scratch. Rest assured that we found a new home for the old plants around our property, but took his advice and provided him with a blank slate for him to work.his.magic.
Clearly, we they still have quite a bit of work to do, but I could not be more excited to welcome whatever is in store. As they finish up, I’ll be busy shopping for some fun accessories to add to the patio furniture I recently purchased.
home decorators collection patio furniture

Choosing what patio furniture to purchase was no easy task, but after I finally decided, I couldn’t be more excited. I figured we should probably invest in a quality set that will last us, rather than purchasing a cheap set that will look worn and torn too quickly. The price tag was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but in the end, I think it was the best option for our space and circumstances.   

Martha Stewart patio makeover
This set should be in the mail from Home Decorators Collection in no time! It should be arriving around the same time as our landscapers will be heading out (for good).

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