Polka Dot Holiday Door Mat

Back by popular demand…a door mat tutorial that will dress up your porch just in time for Santa’s arrival. Because our fall herringbone door mat tutorial was such a hit, we had to try our hand at a holiday DIY doormat.  As far as we’re concerned, once Santa lays his eyes on this beauty, he’ll want to skip the chimney thing all together and waltz right through your front door. But do you blame him?
Although we heart herringbone here at the DIY Playbook, we are also loving the falling polka dot trend that has been spotted (literally) all over the blogosphere these days.
Plus, the polka dots resemble falling snow, which seems fitting for this time of year. Oh, and the fact that the falling polka dot design takes about ten times LESS than the herringbone doormat is quite the selling point, especially during this crazy time of year. Cute, cheap and less than 20 minutes… are you sold or what?
Polka Dot Holiday Door Mat: Step One is to buy a plain doormat like this one.

I started this DIY with a plain, $8 door mat from Home Depot.

Here are the supplies you need for the easy holiday door mat! I used different sized circle sponges, and red, white and green paint.

I also bought a bottle of acrylic paint in each color and three round sponge paintbrushes (one slightly larger than the other two) all from JoAnn Fabrics.

Rookie Tip: I ended up using the entire bottle of white, I mean like seriously every.single.last drop. Since the bottles are each less than a dollar, I would recommend buying more than one bottle of the color you paint on with the largest paint brush. Or heck, buy two of each of the bottles if you want to get reaaallll crazy! #yoursecretissafewithme 

Put the paint on a paper plate and then get the paint on your circle sponge.
Once you have all of your supplies, allow yourself less than 20 minutes to get this project done. Yup, you read that right…. your doormat will be on the drying rack in no time! I mean seriously, this project is QUICK! And if you do it outside in the dead of December, the bitter cold may motivate you to get this doggone door mat dotted in record timing.
1. After dipping your sponge in the white paint, stamp the rug and push the sponge down with some pressure. Hold the sponge down then wiggle it around slightly.
2. Release the pressure
3. Admire your work
4. Repeat
The good news best news ever: if when you stamp your dot, the paint does not cover as perfectly as you had hoped… you can re-do your stamp without losing the original shape as many times as you want!
Start making polka dots on your rug! Here are the first layer of white dots.

Honestly, there was no rhyme or reason to the placement of my white dots. I just wanted to have more dots on top of the mat and try to slowly use less and less dots as I moved down the mat.

Keep adding white dots to your plain doormat and eventually you'll have a polka dot holiday door mat!
white polka dot doormat - I love the look of the white dots.

I really like the plain white dots and probably would have been okay stopping here, but my mitten-less fingers weren’t frozen yet & I still had two bottles of paint that I didn’t want to waste, so I kept on dotting…

Add as many white polka dots to your doormat as you would like.
Here's a smaller size sponge for the red paint.
I used the smaller sponge with the red paint and used a few less dots than I had with the white.
I used the smaller circle sponge for red, and a few less polka dots than in white.

Using the same method as before, the red dots took me less than 5 minutes. Again, no rhyme or reason just aimed for a random “falling” polka dot effect.

I love the falling effect these polka dots have!

Using the remaining smaller sponge (same size as the red), I finished off the polka dotted door mat with hints of Christmas green.

Finish off your polka dot holiday door mat with green dots!
As far as I’m concerned, this 20 minute DIY door mat is POPPIN’! 
This polka dottin’ doormat could make the perfect hostess gift, could sneak on to your BFF’s front porch for a very “secret santa”, or could help ring in the new year with a new color scheme!!
How lovely is my holiday polka dot doormat? Isn't it festive?
For less than $14 & 20 minutes of your precious time…. how could you go wrong?! You can’t!
Love this polka dot holiday door mat tutorial! So easy and affordable!
Now don’t be nervous about tackling this DIY doormat, it’s one project that’s pretty simple to connect the dots… Happy dottin’ my fellow rookies!


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