Press for Champagne!

It’s no secret that I love champagne. In fact, it’s my main drink of choice.Champagne Themed Decor | DIY Playbook

Champagne Themed Decor | DIY PlaybookOf course bubbly is always fun for BIG events & celebrations. But I don’t just sip champagne on momentous occasions.

Champagne Themed Decor | DIY PlaybookNope, I’m down for a glass of bubbly all.the.time.Champagne Themed Decor | DIY Playbook

  • The work-week is halfway over? Pop the champs. 
  • I finished a blog post? Pour me a glass!
  • I managed to clean the house & workout today? Let’s cheers to that!

Champagne Themed Decor

Champagne Themed Decor | DIY PlaybookSo it only makes sense that I incorporate some of that champagne love into our home. I added a classy little print to our bedroom that I absolutely adore. Prints: Champagne Themed Decor | DIY PlaybookWanting to extend the champagne love past our bedroom, I decided to add another piece to our guest room. A “press for champagne” button!

Champagne Sign: Champagne Themed Decor | DIY PlaybookGallery Wall: Champagne Themed Decor | DIY PlaybookI found this awesome piece from this Etsy shop, and immediately knew it would look fabulous in our guest room gallery wall. I’ve seen real vintage ones before, but couldn’t find any that weren’t ridiculously expensive. This crafty one does the trick!

Gallery Wall: Champagne Themed Decor | DIY PlaybookIt makes the room feel even more like a hotel, and I love the gold detailing in the space next to our sconces.

Press for Champagne: Champagne Themed Decor | DIY PlaybookPlus…the best part…IT ACTUALLY RINGS when you press it! Pretty awesome right?

Champagne Themed Decor | DIY PlaybookWhen I found the piece, I asked Finn if I should pay extra to add the ringing sound. He looked at me bewildered and said, “Why the heck not?! That’s the coolest part!” I took that as a green light to pay the extra fee to make the bell ring.

Champagne Themed Decor | DIY PlaybookIt took about 6 weeks for it to ship, but it was well worth the wait. I’m hoping our guests love it as much as I do.

Cheers! Champagne Themed Decor | DIY PlaybookAnd I better stock up our fridge with some extra champs, just in case our guests get a bit too excited pushing the button in their space.

Champagne Themed Decor | DIY Playbook

Cheers to that!


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