Pressing Pause & Hugging My Kids Tight

Mother's day 2022 with my family

This week was a hard one. Like many, Tuesday’s school shooting has left me feeling heartbroken, overwhelmed, and terrified. I put my kids to bed that evening blinking back tears, thinking about the families who didn’t get to tuck their kids into bed that night. Then, I sobbed to Finn asking him how we would protect our kids from this. What can we do to keep our children safe? Firearms are the #1 leading cause of death for children and teens in America. In the 23 years since the Columbine shooting, Congress hasn’t passed a single major gun safety law. Our kids are paying the price for our inaction with their lives.

I don’t have the answers. But I do have a platform to share resources and accurate information and I urge you to not be silent on this. Here are a few resources I’ve found helpful this past week…

I originally had my May Break Room post scheduled for today, but it just felt way too strange to publish it after this hard week. Instead, I’ve pushed it to next Wednesday. Monday is Memorial Day, so I won’t have a new blog post then either.

I’m planning to spend the holiday weekend hugging my kids tight and spending time with the family that I love so very much. I hope you do the same.


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