Pretty Muddy Chicago

Fun fact: in college, Casey & I ran. Like on a schedule, using a training plan, participated in organized races kind of running. Pretty legit running as far as we’re concerned. Well…. maybe “legit running” is quite the stretch. Legit running these days is like 1/2 marathons, marathons and triathlons. In that sense, we were as fake of runners as you can get but considered ourselves legit. #thatsallthatcountsanyways 

These days, we’re not even fake runners… we’re like non-runners. “Not a chance in hell I’m running today” kind of runners. Like “is there anything I can do for the blog that can get me out of running?” type of runners. That was until recently, when we finally stumbled upon the inspiration we needed to get those laces tied up and get back out there, excuses and all. 

We were recently contacted by the awesome team at Pretty Muddy Chicago to join in on an all female “mud run” event that raises money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. It’s being held in our hometown and we just couldn’t say no to this charming team. They totally sold us when they said it was a “go at your leisure” event and that if you can walk 3 miles, you would be able to participate. They also said you could make DIY outfits for the event and that there were food trucks, vendors, music and free beverages at the completion of it. Little did they know, DIY outfits was all it took to get us on board.  

So just like that, we are back on the “running” train. Of course kicking and screaming the whole time but bottom line, we’re back! And we want you to hop on with us…. 

We know this isn’t for everyone tuning in, but we would love to extend the invitation to join in on the Muddy Fun to all of our local readers! We’d love for you to join us for this non-traditional Girls’ Day Out… did we mention you can wear DIY outfits? Plus, we have a discount code for you (and all of your friends) to use to save $10 on registration!! Sold yet?! We hope so because we’d love to see you there! 

Discount Code: DIYPLAYBOOK (*Use this code when you register to save $10)

So what do you say fellow Chicago ladies?! You in or what? 
Whether you’re in Chicago or not, we’d still love to follow your progress, see your DIY mud run outfit ideas, or get some running inspiration (we need all the help we can get). Keep us updated on your progress using #ROOKIESRUN on your social media channels. Can’t wait to team up for a good cause and smash the excuses to get healthy once and for all. 
Happy Running,
B & C