“Real Art” for my Gallery Wall

(We know we told you yesterday that today we’d share all of the details about our Vine video, but that post wasn’t quite ready to go live today. Next week…we promise! Okay now onto the real post for today.)

We’ve officially lived in our Chicago apartment for about a year now, and boy oh boy the time has really flew. I remember moving in and being so darn excited to decorate every square inch of this place. I got to work quickly, ready to make this space much more cozy with lots of personal touches. One of the first tasks on my to-do list was to create a mini gallery wall, and I did just that in this post from last year.

That gallery wall has essentially stayed the exact same for about a year. I don’t know why I never tweaked it, or traded out any of the art…but it just kinda stayed the way it was (which is very unlike me and my “tweaking tendencies”) That all changed this week when I added a new piece of REAL ART to our gallery wall.
Gallery-Wall-Wide ShotGallery-Wall-Outside-OfficeOf course I love gallery walls that are just all picture frames, but the ones that really pop (to me at least) are ones that incorporate a canvas, a piece of art, or even some hooks and 3-dimensional pieces. Bridget is amazing at this, as evidenced by her fabulous office gallery wall.

After receiving this small piece of Chicago art as a wedding gift, I knew that it would make a great addition to our hallway gallery. Painted-Oil-ArtI simply swapped out a few frames and added this colorful beauty to the mix.

I love how it breaks up all of the white and adds more purple, blue, and green color to the gray wall.

Art-DetailsPainting-By-RodwanThe piece is from Rodwan Gallery and it looks like they sell a wide variety of unique Chicago paintings. From what I can tell, it looks like this piece is of a Downtown Chicago scene, complete with some buildings, balconies, and a large street light. I love it!

I’m a sucker for framing art prints, but I’ve never actually owned “real art.” Of course I love the canvas over our couch, but that is a mass produced piece. It’s pretty neat to actually have something hand-painted and unique for our Chicago pad. White-Frames-Gallery-WallSo for now, my real art is staying in our gallery wall. But I’m sure I’ll start tweaking again soon, and swap out even more of these frames and pictures. Gotta keep things interesting around here, right?!casey_sig

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