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Remember when Casey shared how she cleaned and renewed the grout in her new place? We were floored (pun intended) at what a high impact this simple project had on her space, and got a lot of feedback from readers wanting more information.

Clean bathroom Grout Since it’s been a few months since she tackled this easy project, we thought we would update you guys on how the “refreshed” grout is holding up and whether she would do this project again.

bathroom-grout-2Casey’s Grout a few months later: I tackled our grout right when we moved into our condo, and I must say…it’s still holding up 8 months later. White grout on a high-traffic bathroom floor might not seem like the best idea to some people, but I love the bright look and the white really has stayed white!

bathroom-grout-1 1-guest-bathroom-augusta-after-groutWhenever I wash the bathroom floor (worst.chore.ever.), I always make sure to really scrub the grout lines and they’ve held up beautifully. Would I do this project again? Absolutely. Do I think it was time-consuming and not the most fun way to spend a few hours? Absolutely. But it was well worth it! And I’m happy that I convinced Bridget to do her grout too.


Bridget’s grout: Since Casey recommended this process (and I saw how good it looked in person), I decided to tackle the grout in my bathroom too. I picked up a bottle of the Grout Renew and got to work. Wow… she was NOT lying when she said this was such an EASY yet effective project (note: it’s a tad time-consuming though). I actually went with a brighter color than my original grout so the before and after was pretty darn dramatic. Am I crazy for getting excited about clean, refreshed grout?!

how_to_clean_grout_gifLesson learned: If you have stained, dirty or just outdated grout, we HIGHLY recommend this $12 project. To see a step-by-step tutorial from Bridget’s bathroom, come check out the tutorial we are sharing over on the Zillow Digs Blog.

clean_grout_bathroomAnother lesson learned: I think we can officially call ourselves adults after this post. Only adults get excited and chat about things like refreshed grout lines. Yikes… how did this happen?!

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