Rustic Beauty

About a week ago, I jetted out to Estes Park, Colorado for a destination wedding. It was my first ever destination wedding…. and boy did it set the bar high!
The trip was nothing less than amazing. The scenery was breathtaking, the weather was a perfect 10, the itinerary of wedding weekend events was jampacked with once in a lifetime experiences, and the wedding itself was oozing with rustic beauty.

The happy couple and bridal party stood under this charming trellis as the bride and groom exchanged vows.

I loved that the sunflowers wrapped in burlap complimented the yellow accents of the bridesmaid dresses, while adding lots of character and a stunning pop of color.
The ceremony was dripping in natural beauty. I guess that’s what you get when you get married on the side of a mountain? #luckygirl
The guests sat comfortably and enjoyed the love story of the bride & groom, all while soaking in the views.

This was the amazing scenery that surrounded us…

…and this is the stunning aisle that the bride walked up. I mean seriously, how amazing!?

After the personalized ceremony was over, the guests walked down to the resort to kick-off the reception. I promise, the rustic beauty of this reception will not disappoint.

The breath-taking view that surrounded this room was the perfect accent to the natural, rustic theme that was sprinkled throughout the reception.

The centerpieces were made up of colorful displays of flowers that modeled the “wildflower” theme of the mountain.
The centerpieces stood on tree stumps… how appropriate.

The head table was spotted with the same type of flowers. Loving the burlap touches…

The buffet table was one of my favorite parts…

Hints of mason jars, tree stumps, branches, acorns, rocks and jute added a touch of rustic charm.

And here are some other odds & ends that I just couldn’t resist sharing…

A hollowed out birch tree as a vase…amazingness! These trees are everywhere around Estes Park, and I love, love, love how they incorporated them into the floral arrangements.

How unique and charming is this antler chandelier? These lined the room & added to the rustic charm.

One of my all time favorite ideas of the night: a note to each guest! These place cards doubled as personalized notes to each guest. I have never seen anything like this before, and I am obsessed with the idea! What a perfect way to make each and every guest feel welcomed and appreciated. I may have to steal this idea for my own wedding…

The stunning view from the balcony was priceless. Some elk even passed through the property as we enjoyed drinks outside. How perfect could this wedding get?
The passed pre-dinner treats were even adorable. What a great idea to add some color and charm to an otherwise boring bowl of meat.
Overall, the wedding was a grand slam! I loved that hints of the “destination” were sprinkled throughout the entire wedding. What a perfect way to highlight the location and make the most of everyone’s travels.
Cheers to the bride & groom; may your marriage be just as beautiful as your wedding day.

PS. If you want more details on this beautiful vacation hot spot, check out the lodge’s website.