Scouting Report: New Uses

If you’ve been reading DIY Playbook for any amount of time now, you’ve probably quickly realized that we have a love for all things secondhand. Not just a schoolgirl crush…more like a madly, deeply, hardcore love affair.

Yep, we brake for yard sales…we scream for garage sales…we squeal over thrift stores…and we sure as hell jump for joy for resale shops.
So imagine our excitement when we found a new gem in our hometown.
New Uses Store Orland Park Location
New Uses is our little slice of heaven.
Sure, it’s a resale store. But, all of the fab deals inside are only for the HOME! If you’re a regular thrifter, then you may notice that many secondhand shops are 80% clothing…and only 20% home decor and furniture.
Well not New Uses. This bad boy is 100% for the home. In fact, their motto is “A Resale Shop for the Home.”
So on a recent trip back home, we decided we needed to peruse the secondhand shop.
New Uses vases furniture
We didn’t go in with a gameplan for this trip, like we have for previous shopping trips. (Read more about prepping for a Winning Flea Market Trip right here)
Instead, it was more of a SCOUTING REPORT. What did this place have to offer? And how could we utilize their equipment to take our rookie DIY skills to the next level?
New Uses Furniture
First up, the furniture area. We were incredibly pleased to see a vast array of quality wood pieces. From chairs, to couches, to side tables, and bar carts…you could find all kinds of goodies in this area.
New Uses Bar stools
Some pieces were good to go, and could quickly be added to the design of any room. Like these sweet stools that might look nice cozied up to a breakfast bar.
New uses nightstand wooden brown
Other pieces were overflowing with potential.
We saw the above nightstand (only $18!) and immediately thought of transforming it. We’re thinking new modern hardware, 2 baskets underneath, and painted a crisp white or gray for a bedroom. You could bring this piece from outdated…to “Pottery Barn ready” in a weekend, without breaking the bank (or even much of a sweat!)
Shopping for trinkets at New Uses

After scoping out the furniture, we took a look at all of the nick knacks. We could see how this area could be overwhelming for other rookies.

Wooden whale on top of books

Again, you just need to see the potential and see if anything speaks to you.

Brass owl on book with white vase
Girl holding a wooden tray

This tray could be fabulous in a guest room. A quick coat of paint to fit your room’s decor, and it could hold books, water, and flowers to keep your visitors happy and feeling welcome.

Striped preppy pillows
Bridget eyeballed these preppy pillows. Just the right amount of color and pattern to make a small couch, bench, or chair really pop!
Baskets on shelves at New Uses
Baskets can be surprisingly expensive, but not at New Uses. Look at the wide variety of baskets this place has to offer. Lots of potential for adding secret storage to your home…
$8 brown toolbox
Casey almost pulled the trigger on this old toolbox. It was a steal at $8 and it had loads of potential. A fun new color or pattern would really bring this old brown thing to life! Sadly, Casey let this one slip through her fingertips.  But, we’re guessing it finds a home quickly.
four decanters for alcohol
How about these decanters at $8 a piece?! Classy drinking anyone? Bridget’s bar cart is begging for the glam that these shiny pieces have to offer.
New uses artwork and picture frames
Holy moley wall of art! You know we’re all about personalized wall art here at DIY Playbook. But, we found some great pieces, at great prices.
Think about all of the great frames holding that art too. Just pick up a few with some good bones, add spray paint, and you can create a unique gallery wall in no time.
Checking out at New Uses
We did end up purchasing a few treasures to take home. Don’t worry, we’ll show you what we did with them real soon. DIY projects up the wazoo around here people!
Exterior view of New Uses Orland Park Location
After our scouting report, we quickly realized that this is the kind of store for us Rookies! We also found out that the Orland Park location isn’t the only one. Click here to see if there’s one near you.
We are happy to tell you guys we are teaming up with New Uses for future DIY projects galore.
We can’t wait to add these new stats, projects, and pieces into our Playbook. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated along the way. This will also mean great things for you, our reader! Expect giveaways, coupons, and much much more.

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