Scrabble Tile Coasters

Friends..get excited for the CHEAPEST and EASIEST project you’re ever gonna see on the DIY Playbook.

See, when the “rookies” get together for a weekend of fun..there is bound to be some DIY action taking place.
And this Saturday in St. Louis was no exception.
We left the boys at home to do their thing (day drink while watching baseball) and headed to the Habitat for Humanity Restore.
It was a successful trip. I scored this bad boy, and we stumbled upon a fabulous new project.
Scrabble Tile Coasters
Scrabble Tile Coasters!
We found these bathroom tiles for $.10 a piece and they seemed to be the perfect size for coasters.
So we each picked out 5 white ones to bring on home with us. It was going to be a whopping $1.00 total for both of our sets!
Casey’s side note: Bridget didn’t have any cash or change on her (#1 rule of thrifting…bring cash!), so the cashier gave her the 5 coasters for free. I think he had a little crush on our girl here.
So we ended up leaving with 10 coasters…for $.50. Woo hoo!
On the drive home, we decided to go with a scrabble theme for the coasters.
a. Scrabble is awesome (words with friends anyone?)
b. Scrabble letters are soooo in right now, and we want to be trendy.
c. We’re not that artsy…and outlining letters seemed like the easiest way to jazz the tiles up.
The only hard part was what the heck to spell out?!?
We brainstormed with LOVE, HOME, HOUSE…ya know cute, girly words like that.
But the boys had different and better ideas. CHEERS, DRINK, COAST, SPORTS. (Okay maybe that last idea kinda sucked…)
So after a group vote, we ended up going with DRINK and COAST for the 2 sets of coasters.
We printed letters and numbers off of the computer. Cut them out. And traced them with a pen right onto the tile.
Then, we used a porcelain pen (like this one on Amazon) to fill in the letters and numbers with black.

B in action. She is intense!

We then popped those suckers in the oven (following the directions on the porcelain pen) and “baked” them.

30 minutes later our cookies coasters were done! All that we had to do was add some felt pads to the four corners on the bottom, and we were good to go. 

Scrabble Tile Coasters

The coasters came in handy that night with a little friendly competition of Apples to Apples (best game ever, we seriously recommend it!)

So there ya have it…easy DIY that anyone can do! The hardest part is figuring out what you want your coasters to say.
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