September 2015 Recap & Personal Updates

September 2015…one of our favorite months of the year. And boy did this month zoom on by. Here’s what we were up to here on the blog…
DIY Donut Pumpkin brunch

Behind the Blog – September 2015


Casey: Finn & I have spent most of our free time unpacking and working on our new home. It’s been exhausting, but also exhilarating at the same time. When we’re not hanging exciting things like toilet paper holders, or towel hooks, we’re exploring our new neighborhood of East Ukrainian Village. It’s a wonderful area of Chicago and we have enjoyed so many of the local restaurants already!

nyc skyline bhgThe highlight of this month was our mini getaway to NYC. It was nice to have a weekend away from the stress of the new place to just hang out with my husband. Long dinners, glasses of wine, and no looming to-do list was just what the doctor ordered!

And I must say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of the encouragement on yesterday’s post. It can be scary writing a more real life/feelings post…but you guys were incredibly supportive. We’re so lucky to have such kind & honest readers here on the DIY Playbook, and I just can’t thank you enough for always having our backs.

Deep breath… I survived September (barely). Whoa, talk about the craziest month ever in the Matk household. With both Matt and I back at work full-time and me coaching golf, life took a detour through crazytown this past month. Holy B-U-S-Y. Trying to fit blog work in between 60+ hour work weeks was overwhelming (to be perfectly honest) but with one amazing blog partner, the most supportive husband ever, and a family that helps ALL THE TIME… September is behind us and my golf season is winding down.

After golf is over, I’ll have my nights and weekends free again to blog …. and relax! I’m excited to get back to blog projects (like taking on my dining room with my dad!) and also really excited to enjoy my favorite season of the year. Bring on the apple picking, pumpkin carving, and football games where I couldn’t care less about what’s going on, but love the appetizers. There is NO way I could ever juggle this schedule without all “hands on deck”. I cannot thank CASEY enough for picking up LOTS of extra blog work this month (amongst her own very, very busy month!). And I cannot thank Matt enough for picking up ALL of my slack in the “home” category. Laundry, making lunches, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning– you name it, he handled it …without one complaint.



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