Shades of Grey

Organization is important – true.
Organization is an important part of any home – true.
To be organized, your space has to be pretty first – definitely true.
The garage counts when applying these laws of organization – of course, true.
Based on this simple quiz, I knew it was time to address the organization needs of the garage. I was sold on “prettifying” the garage, but couldn’t tell Matt that.
How I sold this project to Matt: Once we create a space that is more fashionable, thennn we’ll chat about organizing shovels, boxing up old holiday decor, and storing that fertilizer we don’t use. Until then, forget about it!
garage shelves-before

So let’s talk shop.

These shelves. They’re part of the garage. They came with our house and are nothing less than amazingly functional.  I mean they offer some serrrrrriousssss storage and we love them for that.

The bare wood, however, not in love with that part. They just seemed naked. This DIY Rookie could not be be having naked shelves peeking out of her garage. No thank you.

not painted shelves

To combat the nakedness…paint! Shades of grey paint. No, not 50 shades but enough to get rid of the awkward nakedness forever. (naked, 50 shades, this post sounds way dirtier than it is!)

before garage shelves

To kick off the anti-naked campaign, I taped off the wall to prevent shades of grey from dripping elsewhere.

taped garagee shelf

I then slapped on some white primer.

painting garage shelves

And followed that up with several coats of grey.

primed garage shelves


grey shelves in the garage

Before long, my naked shelves were “prettified” and looking far less vulnerable. And the part that Matt loves…I was ready to start discussing organizing the garage.

Garage Shelves

I’ll keep ya posted when we decide on how to organize these bad boys, but don’t wait around. It’s not looking like we’re taking those steps anytime soon. (shh……. that second part is between me and you).

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