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Million Dollar Question: What’s your design style? <– We get asked this question a lot and to be perfectly honest, we ask OURSELVES this same question just as much.

Don’t get us wrong, we have a pretty good idea of our “style” but we also feel like we’re still figuring out our exact style and are experimenting with a few different vibes in the process. We remind ourselves that every design decision (whether it’s good or a big fat fail) is a learning opportunity, and hopefully takes us one step closer to identifying our ultimate style with confidence and excitement.

pillows-master-bedroomThe hardest part for us is that we don’t fit into one specific style completely (who does, right?!). We’re not totally modern, not totally traditional, not all mid-century modern, not rustic or coastal…. like most people, our styles are unique to us and it’s sometimes hard to nail down what that mixture looks like. <—- Please tell us we’re not the only ones who feel this way? #thestruggleisreal

bedroom_mirror_navy_headboard_bridget-7So as we continue on the journey to identify our individual styles, we have made a strict pact to ourselves (and each other) to make a conscious effort when bringing new items into our homes. We try REALLY, REALLY hard to not just buy an item because it is so adorable/trendy/cool/gorgeous/etc. but instead, to buy items with intention and only bring new items into our homes that we feel align with our personal styles. Just because an item is SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME, that doesn’t mean it’s SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME for us. Make sense?

When Lowe’s Home Improvement recently asked us to check out their new allen + roth Mix & Match Lamp collection, we figured this was a good exercise to help us (& hopefully others) hone in on our design styles.

Lowes_Allen_Roth_Lamp_shades-32And now you’re probably super confused. What do lamps have to do with finding your design style? Well, it goes back to the idea that every item (even down to the lamp and lamp shade in your space) should ooze your style. There are a TON Of cute lamps to choose from…. especially in this MASSIVE collection, but choosing lamps that align with your style will help your space be reflective of YOU. <— which to us is the BIGGEST compliment either of us could receive when it comes to our decor. 

Lowes_Allen_Roth_Lamp_shades-3This new lamp line at Lowe’s features 39 lamp base options, that can be paired with 39 lamp shade options, for a combined total of 552 unique looks! Say what?! Yep, 552 different looks, each reflecting a different design style.

Perhaps checking out these lamps & noting the details and design vibes will help us (and others) to start looking at products a bit more critically. Don’t just buy because items are ADORABLE, buy because items are SO YOU.

We picked up some of the lamps (not all 39 bases and 39 shades…that would be A LOT of lamps!) and tried to analyze the different styles to help navigate this crazy style journey.

Lowes_Allen_Roth_Lamp_shades-12I mean, how cute are all of these?! It’s moments like this when we have to remember the PACT (and practice some self-control) … because we seriously want all the lamps.


Industrial Contemporary: They say every room should have a bit of black in it, and we think this black lamp base just might be the perfect way to add that hint of black. It adds a hint of rustic contemporary style…. especially with the burlap shade, which brings an instant warmth and coziness.  And for those that may be looking for a compromise between him and her, this stylish lamp may be a winner!


Farmhouse Chic: We can totally see this GORGEOUS wood lamp base on an episode of Fixer Upper, which instantly makes us fall in love with this farmhouse chic lamp. Does your style align with the uber-talented Joanna Gaines’?! If so, you are lucky because 1. your style is gorgeous 2. you have SO much style inspiration thanks to the very branded and specific style that Joanna injects into all of her makeovers.


Classy Glam: Black & white is always a classic combo and this lamp is pretty darn classy if we do say so. We could totally picture this aged bronze lamp in a feminine space, maybe with a bit of pink or gold. The black makes it edgy, but the curvy shape keeps it modern and fun!


Coastal: This blue color instantly reminds us of the ocean, and who wouldn’t want to live in a beachside cottage?! We could picture this turquoise lamp in a very relaxed room, complete with linen, navy, and bright whites. And that airy, transparent blue is perfect to make a statement without being too overwhelming or “heavy” in a coastal space.


Modern Metallic: The tiny pop of gold on the top of this amber luster lamp is sheer perfection. It adds a hint of glamorous gold, without being over the top. The round bulbous shape keep it youthful and modern. We picture this lamp paired with other quirky accents & decor and of course…. more gold.


Classic Traditional: You can’t go wrong with the classics, and gray & white never disappoint as far as we’re concerned. Love the simple shape on this gray lamp base, and we’re confident this color could work in just about any space.

But analyzing the look or “vibe” of each lamp isn’t the end of this little design exercise!

After choosing the base that works best for you (more options here!), it’s important to use that same thought-process to choose the lamp shade that best reflects your style too. The good news is that with 552 combinations, there should definitely be an option that is SO YOU. Check out what a difference the lamp shade can make on each of these lamps!

We know it can be hard to confine your style to 1 specific adjective (Am I modern? glam? bohemian? traditional? nautical? HELP!), but instead of trying to choose just one adjective, it’s important to look at every item you bring into your home and decide if that specific item fits with your design style and the feeling or “vibe” you’re trying to achieve in a space. <— This is literally what we think whenever we are out shopping because we are trying to be very intentional in what items we bring in. Just stopping to think about this before impulse buying has really helped us shop with intention.

Lowes_Allen_Roth_Lamp_shades-34So whether we’re choosing a new lamp + lamp shade, a mini piece of shelf decor, or buying a brand new couch, we’re trying to get WAY better at shopping with intention so that our homes feel “so us”. We’re pretty confident as we stay committed to this idea of shopping with intention, we’ll be able to eventually answer that million dollar question, “so what’s your style“, with LOTS of confidence and excitement. So what do you say? Will you join us in our attempt to shop with intention & make wise choices about each and every item we bring into our homes?! Please?!

allen+roth+lamps+officeBut before you get out there shopping, we’d love to know….which lamp & shade combo best fits with your style or home’s vibe? Can you pin-point your favorite combo from the 552 options?!allen+roth_lamp_options.33 AM

Turquoise Lamp Base // Black Lamp Base // Gray Lamp Base // Tan Lamp Base // Amber Luster Lamp Base // Clear Seeded Glass Lamp (small) // // Wood Lamp Base // See More lamps here!

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