Our New Kitchen Appliances

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Lately I’ve been feeling more and more like a “real adult.” Allow me to explain. You guys read how I geeked out over our new laundry units, and today I’m here to gush about our new kitchen appliances. Yep, it’s official. I’m a grown-up who finds so much joy in shiny, new appliances.

But can you blame me, look at these new beauties…Here's our Maytag refrigerator - just one of three new appliances we recently acquired - isn't it pretty? Here's the new range we got from Maytag - one of three new kitchen appliances!Here's our sleek new Maytag dishwasher! I can't believe how well it cleans!

Our Old Kitchen Appliances

Before I ramble about the new ones, let’s chat about our old appliances. Let me first start off by saying that our old appliances weren’t terrible. They functioned properly and never suddenly quit on us, so I can’t grade them too horribly. But they were far from perfect. The top rack of our dishwasher fell out of the tracks constantly, which would then make all of the dishes on top tumble down. Yikes.

Here are two of the three new kitchen appliances we got from Maytag: the range and the fridge.
Our old appliances

As for the fridge, we were in a constant battle of fingerprints vs. stainless steel. And the fingerprints won…every.single.time.

How to Donate your Appliances

When I found out that we would receive a new fridge, dishwasher, and oven/range from Maytag I immediately came up with a gameplan for our old appliances. Since they were still all working properly, I wanted to make sure they found a good home.

Our old dishwasher still worked so I donated it!
Our old dishwasher

You simply upload photos and descriptions of the items you want to donate, and then the website matches you up with local non-profit organizations that are in need of those items. We actually matched up with quite a few local groups, and then had to make the painful decision of choosing who needed our appliances the most.

Our fridge ended up going to a wonderful youth outreach program here in Chicago, and they were THRILLED to receive a refrigerator for their facility. It was so great to find such a gracious home for items we no longer needed.

Our New Appliances from Maytag

With our old appliances gone it was time to bring the new ones in and get them going. The delivery & installation went incredibly smooth, and after a few hours we were left with all of our new ones!

Let’s first start with the fridge (because I may secretly love it the most).

I love our new kitchen appliances from Maytag, like this stainless steel fridge with parlor doors!First of all, it’s ginormous and holds all the things! We got the fridge right before Thanksgiving, and it was a lifesaver because it held all of our dishes (& plentiful leftovers) easily!

This Maytag fridge is a lifesaver - it holds so much food! I love the french doors also. I’ve never had a refrigerator with french doors on the top, and the freezer on the bottom but I instantly loved this new setup. I just feel like it’s so much easier to keep things organized and it can hold so much. The slide out drawer is awesome, and it even went 2 casserole dishes deep on Thanksgiving. It’s going to be great for future parties when we have deli trays, or cheese boards that I want to prep ahead of time.

Our new range from Maytag. Finn tells me it works great. The gas range is gorgeous, and the cook in our household swears that it works as well as it looks. We have yet to use the burner in the middle, but I’m excited to try that out! It comes with this little flat top griddle so you can cook right on there.

Our new Maytag dishwasher - cleans like a charm!And finally, our new dishwasher. I would just be happy with a dishwasher that has a working slide out top drawer, and this one (obviously) has that…and so much more! Finn has a knack for eating cheesy quesadillas at night and the worst thing in the world is trying to get melted cheese off of plates. Seriously, it’s the worst and it doesn’t look like his quesadilla addiction is ending any time soon. The dishwasher cleans so well, I no longer have to worry about Finn eating late night cheesy snacks and having to scrub the plates!But so far this washer has handled the cheese like a pro. Appliances that minimize silly arguments in the household…gotta love em.

As crazy as it may seem, I probably like the fingerprint resistant stainless steel feature the very best. With a husband who loves to cook (not complaining one bit about that!) I used to constantly reach for the stainless steel cleaner after Finn’s meals. The clean freak in me just couldn’t stare at fingerprints on there for more than a few minutes.THe best part about our new kitchen appliances? THey are fingerprint-free! How do they do that?

But now all 3 of the kitchen appliances are fingerprint resistant, so nothing shows. Seriously, no greasy fingerprints whatsoever. Maytag even has a fingerprint resistant stainless steel microwave that I’ve got my eye on. I’m thinking I’ll love that feature even more once kids come into the picture.Another thing I love about our new range is the middle burner which works like a griddle!

I’m thrilled with our new setup, but the verdict is still out if they inspire me to start cooking more often around here. I’m thinking I’ll stick with dish duty!


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