Summer Lovin’

Oh summer…how we love you so! (and not just because one half of this rookie duo is a school teacher. Okay maybe that has something to do with it…)
Summertime is a special time. The days are oh-so-long, and the warmth and sunshine make us smile a little brighter every day.
We both have crazy times ahead of us (planning two weddings!) we want to make the most out of Summer 2013 and enjoy all of the laid-back memories that are bound to occur.  Since we’re big fans of lists here on DIY Playbook, we thought a SUMMER BUCKET LIST was necessary to make the most out of the next few months.
Summer Bucket List
Together we came up with a well-rounded list of activities that we feel we can accomplish before that school bell rings in the fall. 
Some items on the list are summer classics
 -Make s’mores
-Host a BBQ
-Go on a bike ride…
While others have a refreshing twist
-Take an artsy photo
-Rock a sassy pair of shades
-Go an entire day without your phone <–nervous about this one.
Mason jar of markers
All of the tasks on this bucket list remind us to live in the moment and enjoy all of the joys in life…big and small.
Dry erase marker on picture frame
We both printed out the lists, framed them, and put them in prominent locations in our homes. Then all we have to do is mark off each task using a dry erase marker on the glass. 
We have a few visits planned this summer, so we’re hoping we can cross of a few items off the list together during those mini vacays.  We are planning to document our Summer 2013 Bucket List on Instagram (@diyplaybook #bucketlist) be sure to follow us and catch up on our progress. (Don’t worry, we’ll update ya on the blog too!)
But here is the best part…we want you guys to join in on the Bucket List action! Just download the FREE PRINTABLE and get going on the fun summer activities. If you complete an activity, be sure to capture it and tag us on Instagram or Twitter @diyplaybook with the hashtag #bucketlist. 
We cannot wait to have an amazing summer with our MVP readers!

Here’s a sneak peek of DIY Playbook’s Summer bucket list…
Summer Bucket List Free Printable
Download the ENTIRE bucket list for FREE here
Good luck conquering the #bucketlist. Take pictures along the way, enjoy every moment, and remember to share your adventures with us by taggin @diyplaybook. Maybe your picture or adventure will make its very own appearance here on the Playbook. hint…. hint….