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We can hardly believe that we’re only a few days away from Memorial Day weekend. Where did the month of May go?! We are both big fans of the summer (well..I mean who isn’t?!), but Bridget especially loves it because she is off work from teaching. In fact, tomorrow is officially her last day of school! #luckygirl

Chicago skylineWe both have lots of fun summer plans including weddings, trips, and plenty of DIY projects on the docket. And all of this excitement for summer also had us looking at some new items to add to our makeup bags, closets, and of course our homes.

So we figured we’d do a round-up of the items we both have our eyes on for the summer season.

summer_wishlist.30 PMTriangl Bikini (Casey): I’ve really wanted one of these bikinis since they first hit the scene a couple of years ago. They’re made of neoprene (the same material as wet suits), and I love the cute styles they have. These suits are originally from Australia, but I recently saw that they have a North America online store. I just might have to add this to my swimsuit drawer!

Arizona_pool_summer_waterSwimsuit Coverup (Casey): With a new swimsuit…comes a new coverup! I mean might as well upgrade all of your poolside essentials, right?! I’m loving this classy coverup that looks like it will go with just about anything. Plus, love how comfortable it looks!

wayfair-patio-furnitureBlack & White Planters (Casey): I think these would look really good out on our new black and white patio. We haven’t ever really invested in nice pots, but I think getting a few may finally give me the urge to put some flowers and plants outside and attempt to keep them alive this summer.


Ray Bans (Casey): Okay, technically these sunglasses are not currently on my wishlist… only because I already have them. But I love them so much that I wanted to share! I’m the kind of girl who has never owned nice sunglasses. Instead I’ve always just bought a $5 pair from Target or Walgreens every season because I’m bound to lose, scratch, or break them and don’t want to cough over that much dough. But, my sweet husband officially got me some “big girl” sunglasses and I’m obsessed.

finn-casey-balcony-augustaBalcony Planters (Casey): Now that the warm weather is (hopefully!) here to stay, I need to add some life to our new patio space. I really like these wicker planter boxes and I think they might work on our balcony railing. I may order a few and fill them up with some plants for the summertime.

Bridget jean shorts summerbridget jean shorts summerAnother pair of DIY jean shorts (Bridget): Remember when I bought a $3 pair of “mom-jeans” from Goodwill and transformed them into a pair of DIY jean shorts last summer?! I’m not at all embarrassed to admit that these DIY jean shorts are BY FAR my favorite (and most comfortable) pair of shorts. I wear them a little too often, which is why I added a new pair of these to my summer wishlist (errr to-do list). I’m thinking maybe a dark denim pair and if I get lucky at Goodwill, maybe a white pair too! #staytuned

Ruffled Off the Shoulder Shirt (Bridget): I’m totally digging this trend and hope to add an off the shoulder shirt to my wardrobe this summer. I feel like these shirts are so versatile and perfect for the summer.

MaggieEyelash Enhancing Serum (Bridget): So this is kind of a long story, but all me to explain how this random product made my summer wishlist. Around the holidays, my little sister experimented with eyelash extensions that she had done at a salon. She thought it would be fun to “try something new” and was extremely shocked at how EXPENSIVE these extensions were and how quickly they needed to be “filled in” at the salon. Without wanting to pay to have them filled in again, she opted to remove them and ended up removing half of her REAL eyelashes in the process (YIKES!). In desperation, she started buying a bunch of products to help her grow her lashes back ASAP and this eyelash enchanting serum was one of the products she purchased. Fast forward a few weeks and holy moley, I honestly can’t believe how AMAZING her REAL eyelashes look. Her eyelashes now look longer and more gorgeous than her fake ones did — legit long and stunning! The serum is a bit expensive (at $30 for a tube) but she says it lasts a looonnnng time (like a few months). She puts it on her eyelids each night before bed and swears by it. I don’t necessarily always believe these stories, but seeing the progress of hers has totally sold me on giving this product a try for myself!

Coffee Table or Bench (Bridget): This summer I am on the lookout for a bench for the end of my bed and potentially a new coffee table that is a tad less “matchy-matchy” than the one I have now. I’m not necessarily SOLD on these specific models from West Elm (kinda pricey), but they are definitely offering some serious inspiration. I’m really hoping to find something via Craigslist, estate sales, goodwill or in a thrift store, BUT if I can’t find one at those affordable places — I’ll be looking at HomeGoods, Target or anywhere else!

patio flower box table Patio Pillow (Bridget): Am I the only one who didn’t know about H&M’s adorable (and affordable) home decor line?! I saw this “here comes the sun” outdoor pillow cover in their recent magazine and thought it was just the cutest thing (especially for $9.99)! The rest of their stuff is totally fun, quirky and on-trend. #bestkeptsecret

Chicago flag river summerHigh Neck Swimsuit (Bridget): Like Casey, I’m looking to add a new swimsuit to my wardrobe this summer and I’m OBSESSED with the high-neck bikinis that are all the rage this season. My fashionista sister bought one last year and I’ve been in on the look-out for one ever since!!

NOW, we would LOVE, love, love to hear what is on your summer wishlist!! Home decor items? Summer clothes?! Even items you want to try out… we’d love to hear so we can check them out too =)

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