White Bedding for our Master Bedroom

So you guys remember my big plans for our master bedroom, right? (Read about it in this post)

Well, I’ve tackled the first step for our bedroom makeover. New Bedding!
Yep, I took the plunge and decided to go ahead and purchase a fabulous new duvet and pillows. 
West Elm Tag Bedding
If you follow us on Instagram (@diyplaybook) you may have seen my overly excited pic about a package arriving from West Elm. That was my new bedroom set!
When choosing a duvet, my top priority is comfort. I really wanted a high-quality duvet that was soft and comfy! I also knew that a crisp white would work best (easy to clean!), because then I could easily change up the pillows and give our bed an entirely new look.

After some hardcore research, I ended up going with this duvet from West Elm. Was it cheap? No. But, I figure if you spend 1/3 of your life in bed then you might has well invest in high-quality stuff that makes you feel good!

Finn loves it. Not just because the floral comforter is gone (bye bye!), but because it is so comfortable. He calls it our “hotel bed” now. 

The only bad thing about duvet covers is you have to also buy the insert, which means more money out of my pocket.  

Speaking of the insert, don’t you guys HATE when the insert gets all lost and out of place within the duvet cover? That is literally the worst. Luckily, West Elm has some crafty strings inside the duvet that hold the insert in place! You just tie them at each corner and it stays perfect in place. Genius!

I ended up finding some great pillows too. They add a punch of pattern, and a punch of color.  The gray geometric ones are a Home Goods find. The long green one is from TJ Maxx. 

So far, I’m a fan of the look.
I also have the most comfortable blanket ever draping the end of our bed. It’s gray, fuzzy, and from Pottery barn. (We’re always fighting over who gets to use it. Spoiler Alert: I usually win)

Next on the master bedroom to-do list…counting my pennies to buy THIS headboard. 

Sigh. For now, I’ll go dream about it in my “hotel bed.”