Sweet Home Chicago

I’ve been hiding something big from you guys…

Casey and Finn are moving from St. Louis to Chicago!


Yep, I recently said adios to St. Louis and hello to Chicago! I left my job in STL and moved here at the beginning of August. I didn’t want to tell you guys until it was a bit more official, hence the reason you’re just finding out.

It’s not that we didn’t like St. Louis. We enjoyed a wonderful two years there. But it was just not home, and it was never going to be home for us. Our end goal was always to make it back closer to our friends and family, and that is finally happening!

I don’t want to dive into the nitty gritty of my work details, but I’ll briefly divulge. I wasn’t 100% happy at my previous job and I was craving something I was more passionate and excited about. Sure, the thought of leaving a secure position was incredibly scary, but with a little nudging from Finn and my family I ultimately decided to leave.

It was bittersweet leaving my coworkers and St. Louis friends behind, but I’m happy and relieved to finally be back at home. In fact, I found a new job and I’m loving every single minute of it. I feel challenged and excited every day. It’s a wonderful feeling and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for me in Chicago.

Back home with the parents in the yellow door house - home sweet home for now!

Hi my name is Casey, and I live at home with my mom. Wow, happy to get that off my chest!

Nothing against the Janimal (we are having a blast!), but it’s just so hard to go from living on my own with Finn for 3 years…to back home. Not to mention running errands in your old hometown is torture. I run into someone I know every single time, and ultimately end up confessing that “I’m back at home living with my mom.” Makes me sound like a 25-year-old loser.

But, it is only temporary. Finn and I are hoping to move into a place downtown by October 1st. We just wanted some time to find the perfect apartment. A place that works out well for both of our commutes to work.

Let the apartment hunt begin!

Casey and Finn were ready to make the move from St. Louis home to Chicago

Sadly Finn had to stay in St. Louis for the month of August to finish up work. It’s been rough being apart, but lucky for me he moved back this past weekend. He actually starts his new job today, so please send positive vibes his way!

Casey and Bridget are excited to be reunited and living in the same city again!

It sure is hard writing a home decor blog when you don’t have your own space to decorate! But my mom says I can pay “rent” through some DIY projects around here. (pretty sweet deal if you ask me!) I’ve got a few on tap, so get excited for some home improvement to Jan’s casa.

I’ll be documenting our move from St. Louis to Chicago in the coming weeks, complete with tips and tricks on making it less of a pain. (don’t get me wrong, moving is still hard!) I’ll also document our apartment search as we scour the Chicagoland area looking for the perfect new home. Then hopefully by October we will have a new place dripping with DIY potential. That day can’t come soon enough!

Writing a blog with your best friend is difficult when you’re hundreds of miles apart, but now the rookies are reunited! Instead of blog phone calls, we can actually get together for coffee and blog talk. Instead of emailing pictures of a design dilemma, I can just drive over to Bridget’s house to see it in person. It’s amazing and we know DIY Playbook will only benefit from us being in the same city. And there should be plenty of shenanigans along the way…

Sorry about this book of a post, but I wanted to bring my favorite readers up to speed on my life. I’m excited for the future and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life in SWEET HOME CHICAGO. 

Casey DIY Playbook
P.S. Be sure to come back this afternoon for a Chicago themed gift idea…

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