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  • Dining Room Decorating 101

    Dining Room Decorating 101

    I’m back with another decorating 101 post. This time I’m chatting all about the dining room and what NOT to do in this space…

  • A New Dining Room Table and the Design Plan

    A New Dining Room Table and the Design Plan

    Let me start off by apologizing for being ALL OVER THE PLACE lately! Last week I chatted about our new couch, then our mini front door makeover and then this week I gave you the updates on our nursery. And here I am today starting to chat about a whole new room — the dining room…

  • “Counting” on Thanksgiving

    “Counting” on Thanksgiving

    To all of our newbies hopping over from Number Fifty-three blog — welcome! We are super excited you stopped by & on behalf of the entire DIY Playbook team (veteran readers included), here are 5 random tips we would like to share to help you get to know what we’re all about here on the