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  • The Break Room No. 16

    The Break Room No. 16

    Sharing details about the past month including kitchen progress, 6 months with Rory, and lots of fun fall activities as a family…

  • Fall Video 2019

    Fall Video 2019

    These past few months have been busy but packed full of fall fun! Here’s our fall video 2019 showcasing a few trips, work around the house, and more!

  • The Break Room No. 6

    The Break Room No. 6

    October has come and gone. Here’s a look back at what we were up to this month. Including a trip to NYC, a trip to Austin, and a new addition to Finn’s side of the family…

  • Happy Hour No. 26

    Happy Hour No. 26

    October is officially over and we’re charging ahead into the holiday season. Here’s what we were both up to this month…

  • Pumpkin Bars + Our Fall Bucket List

    Pumpkin Bars + Our Fall Bucket List

    I’m sharing a favorite fall recipe of mine….our pumpkin bars! They’re the most delicious treat for the new season…

  • Happy Hour No. 15

    Happy Hour No. 15

    A look back at the month of October behind-the-scenes of the blog…