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  • Gray Shiplap Behind the Basement TV

    Gray Shiplap Behind the Basement TV

    Our basement wall was looking a bit bare, so I decided to go ahead and add some gray shiplap behind our TV. This subtle touch has made a huge difference…

  • DIY Shiplap for under $100 in the Office

    DIY Shiplap for under $100 in the Office

    I haven’t regretted my decision to paint the office white, in fact, this room has really proven to me how much I LOVE white paint.  However, the white paint could make the room look “flat” without enough texture injected into it. When I added all the furniture and the DIY barn door into this space, I

  • Shiplap Bathroom Reveal

    Shiplap Bathroom Reveal

    First, allow me apologize for not sharing these pics + progress sooner! I hate when bloggers take foreverrrrrrr in between project updates and I feel like it’s been way too long since I brought you guys up-to-speed on my mini bathroom project. #badblogger The good great news is that the cliff hanger is over, this bathroom

  • DIY Shiplap in the Bathroom

    DIY Shiplap in the Bathroom

    My shiplap dreams have come true! I recently talked about how this new round mirror had me completely itching to make a few more updates in our bathroom. (Enter my shiplap dreams). Shiplap Plans In a perfect world, I would shiplap the entire bathroom, but there were a few roadblocks and a few uncertainties that urged