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  • DIY Board and Batten Bedroom Reveal

    DIY Board and Batten Bedroom Reveal

    I’m pretty OBSESSED with this DIY, and I know I say this far too often but this may be my favorite DIY to date.  Remember our plain jane bedroom wall that used to look like this? Check her out now….After we revealed the hallway board and batten, I was sure that one more board and

  • Board and Batten Bedroom Progress

    Board and Batten Bedroom Progress

    I hate to get too personal here, but allow me to give you a little insight into what I see (literally) when I first open my eyes every single morning. Monday through Friday I hear my alarm blaring at 5:25am and I see this… A wall that is just “blah”. On the weekends, I open my

  • Hallway Board and Batten: Reveal

    Hallway Board and Batten: Reveal

    Stick a fork in her… … the Hallway Board and Batten is D-O-N-E! Thanks to my amazing dad, we were able to caulk, prime and paint the hallway last weekend and finally check this looming DIY off of our to-do list. It’s pretty crazy to think that this DIY has literally been on my to-do

  • Board & Batten Hallway Progress

    Board & Batten Hallway Progress

    This just in: we have progress on our board and batten hallway (ya know that darn project that has been one year in the making?). Our hallway started out looking like this:  Now, it’s looking more like this (well technically it’s finished, but more details on that Thursday!):       Excuse the change in

  • Hallway Board & Batten

    Hallway Board & Batten

    This post has been in our drafts for just over a YEAR. I took these photos and planned to complete this DIY project last February, but the photos, the plans and the project were put on hold for a thousand different reasons. My dad is the veteran DIY-er that will be helping this Rookie DIY-er