The Best of Q1 2022

I thought it might be fun to do a new quarterly blog post where I share a bit of the behind-the-scenes of what performed well during the previous three months. The most popular blog posts, the bestsellers, and the items that really resonated with you. Not only is it helpful for me to see what you guys like, but I figured it might be helpful for you in case you missed some of these well-received products or posts. So let’s get take a look at the best of Q1 2022.

Your Favorite Blog Posts from Q1

My mom's bright bedroom makeover and refresh

As a content creator, it’s so funny to me because some posts I think are going to do so well (and then they flop) and others I’m not even that excited about (and then they do amazing!). I never can predict what will really resonate with people! Here are the blog posts that you really loved this quarter…

Rory’s Kid-Friendly Drawers

Rory helping in the kitchen

This project was such a fun one and I’m happy to say that it has actually worked to keep Rory’s kitchen items organized. Whenever I’m getting her food together, I ask her to get me a bib or a plate and she goes right to her drawer, picks out the ones she wants, and brings them to me. This especially comes in handy when she is super hungry and I need to buy some time while I get her food together. I’d urge every parent to clear out a drawer or cabinet down low for their kid’s items.

My Side Table Search

How to mix wood tones in your home

This is definitely a blog post that surprised me with its popularity! In it, I break down my totally non-scientific formula for shopping for a new item for a space. I popped you into my head as I envisioned which side table would work best for our family room. The response was overwhelmingly positive and I heard from many of you who learned so much from that blog post. I will be planning more posts like this!

Parenting Blog Posts

My best blog posts of 2022

A few parenting blog posts were very popular recently…this one about balancing parenthood with the rest of life and this one about the transition from 1-2 kids. For me, I always enjoy connecting with other parents about the struggles of motherhood and raising young kids and it’s nice to commiserate and share tips to make your every day a tad easier.

My mom's bedroom makeover

Plus, you went wild for Jan’s take on creating family traditions and the ones she has created as the matriarch of our family. I know I got a lot of great ideas from her insights and it makes me excited to create some new traditions with my own family of four.

Jan’s Bedroom Makeover

My best nightstand styling tips

Even though we didn’t completely overhaul the space, you still went wild for Jan’s bedroom refresh. Her room truly is stunning and it proved that just a few tweaks can really make a room look better and cozier. The sconce hack from this space was also a popular DIY and I’ve since received a few messages with pictures of your own sconce hacks. Love when that happens!

The Year of Casey

The year of Casey

I was honestly nervous to even hit publish on this blog post, but I’m so happy that I went for it because I heard from dozens and dozens of moms, many of who are now excited to show themselves a little TLC in 2022. I’m planning to do a quarterly update on my “Year of Casey”, sharing all of the new things I’m doing that are making my days a little brighter.

2022 Best Home Items

Q1 2022 home bestsellers

My Platform Bed // My Green Curtains // Black Frame // Jan’s Nightstands // Gold Side Table // Blanket Basket // My Living Room Rug // Tasseled Nightstand // Our Kitchen Stools

Okay, now let’s move on to some of the bestsellers. First up, these home items that sold like crazy!

My Fave Black Frame

These are the frames that my mom used in her symmetrical gallery wall and I have scattered around our house. So inexpensive, but looks high-end with that thick mat.

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My Mom’s Nightstands

Wow…you guys loved Jan’s new nightstands and I can see why. A great size, scale, and the wood with the brass detailing is perfection.

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Marble Side Table

I scooped this side table up in black for our living room, but the gold one has been selling like bonkers. A gorgeous side table with a beautiful marble top.

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Large Blanket Basket

This is such a pretty basket to hide blankets (or toys!) in your living room. We’ve had a similar one for years and years.

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Our Living Room Rug

This one doesn’t surprise me because this rug is amazing and somehow works with just about any room style. I have it in a 9×12 in the color “olive/charcoal”

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Tasseled Nightstand

This is actually the nightstand in my brother’s guest bedroom (this reveal was a good one!) and I love the detailing and storage.

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Top 10 Overall Bestsellers

My Lipstick // My Calf Hair Sneakers // Sidestroke Swimming Suit // Shower Caddy // Equilibria Women CBD // My Blush // My Favorite Bra // Electric Lighter // My Sorel Sandals // Eyelash Serum

My Sheer Matte Lipstick

I adore Glossier products and wear this lipstick just about every day. My favorite color is “Jam”.

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Sidestroke Swimming Suit

I ordered this suit and loved it, but needed it in the longer size (I have a pretty long torso). They didn’t have my size at the time so I still don’t have it. But I’ve heard amazing things and I know many of you have ordered it and love it!

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Cloud Paint Blush

I wasn’t much of a blush wearer until I got this product. I wear the color “Puff”.

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Eyelash Serum

Holy smokes, this eyelash serum works! My eyelashes have never been longer. Pair it with my favorite mascara and your eyelashes will be killer!

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My Everyday Sneakers

I got these after having Ellis because none of my clothes fit and I wanted to buy something cool and trendy for me. Well, it worked and I now wear them constantly!

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Comfy Sandals

I’ve bought a few pairs of these sandals because they’re super comfortable and easy to get on. I first got them for all of our walking when we visited Italy and they then became my summer go-to.

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My Favorite Bra

I have this in multiple colors and wear it just about every day. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything! Not sure I’ll ever be able to go back to a regular underwire ever again. Oh, and the straps are convertible so it works with all sorts of tops.

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Hidden Shower Caddy

Another item you guys went nuts for is this shower caddy. It’s tucked behind the shower curtain so you can’t see it. We have this in our first-floor bathroom and it’s great to hide ugly toiletries.

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Equilibria Women CBD

I’ve been using CBD for the past few years (except during my pregnancies) and it is a life-changer for me. I take it daily and feel more even-keeled, less anxious, and better overall. I also love this brand because it’s female-founded and located right in Chicago. Use code DIYPLAYBOOK for a discount.

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Electric Lighter

I shared this on Instagram and so many of you bought it too! It’s a flameless lighter that’s re-chargeable (and honestly, kinda fun to use!).

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What’s to Come in Q2?

So what’s happening in the next quarter here on the blog? Well, I will be revealing our two bathroom makeovers. They finished up the work in March and I’ve been tweaking and decorating to get each space perfect. Can’t wait for you to see!

The most exciting project will happen in May! I don’t want to share all of the good news now, but I’m teaming up with Kim & Scott from Yellow Brick Home to give a full living room makeover to a deserving woman here in Chicago, LaTanya. Earlier in the year, Kim and I were talking about feeling a tad lonely and isolated in our role as home bloggers, especially since the start of the pandemic. We discussed doing a feel-good makeover to use our time and talents for something worthwhile. Well, we pitched it to an awesome sponsor, they jumped on board, and it all kicks off in May. I cannot wait for you to meet LaTanya and hear her inspiring story (and how she is doing so much for the community here in Chicago). This passion project is truly a dream come true and we are so eager to get things moving!

I’m also planning more updates on “The Year of Casey” and some spring cleaning content. Our house has been so dirty and chaotic because of the construction upstairs and I’m eager to take you along for the ride as I get it back in order for spring.

Cheers to spring!

Lots of good things to come and I’m so grateful that you’ll be coming along for the ride! Cheers to spring!


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