Meet Casey

[about_image_section image_id=80684 image_side=’left’ title=’Meet Casey’]Hey there, I’m Casey Finn! I’m the Chicago gal and voice behind The DIY Playbook. I love a good weekend project, and I’m creating my dream home right here in my favorite city.[/about_image_section]

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I’ve always been obsessed with my surroundings. Even as a kid, I loved “decorating” my room and begged my mom to have clouds painted on my ceiling (spoiler alert: she caved and it looked freakin’ awesome!). After college, Finn and I lived in an apartment with little money left over for decorating our place. I wanted to make it homey and inviting, so I turned to flea markets, garage sales, and DIY projects to get the look I wanted for less. That’s when my love for DIY and all things home began!

Casey on bed with laptop

I started The DIY Playbook in 2013 as a place to document my projects and showcase the progress on our homes (you can tour our first home right here and here’s our current 100-year-old fixer upper). It has since blossomed into a beautiful business, and I’m so lucky to call this my job.

Our family of four

While the blog primarily focuses on home renovations, DIY projects, styling tips, and home decor, I also share our real life together as a family of four. We welcomed our daughter Rory in the spring of 2020 after struggling with three years of infertility.  We then spontaneously became pregnant with our son (quite possibly the biggest shock of our lives!) and welcomed Ellis in the fall of 2021. You’ll find a bit of family content in the mix because we believe the most important part of any home is the people in it!

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Home is where life begins. I’m here to inspire you to create the space of your dreams. Together let’s build a home that tells your story.
Xo, Casey