Meet Finn

Mike Finn with Casey

Meet Finn

Hey guys! I’m Casey’s husband, Finn. While my full name is Michael Finn, for as long as I can remember I have chosen to go simply by Finn. I am the gentleman you sometimes see on the blog (apologies in advance) whether that is awkwardly trying to perfect my “blogger pose” or working outside on our Chicago home.

Fun Facts

  • clipboard and calculator iconMy day job is in Corporate Strategy and Finance for a data security company here in Chicago, but Casey keeps me very busy managing the business side of the blog.
  • girl iconI am blessed to have two amazing sisters. One is a few years older and the other is a few years younger. They’re both smarter and funnier than I am.
  • golf club iconI’m a big fan of playing golf. While I generally shoot in the triple digits (for those that do not know golf, that is NOT good), I love the challenge.

Growing up, I was always helping around the house, especially outside. Whether that was mowing the lawn, killing weeds, or “cleaning up” after the dog. This is where my parents will most likely roll their eyes, so I will admit I did most of that very reluctantly. However, it was a great learning experience and has now become a focus for me in our new home, especially since Casey has never used a lawnmower. She seriously was freaked out about how to get one (Where do you get one? How does it work? When do you use it?) and wants nothing to do with it. I am very excited to design our backyard area as this most likely means we will be installing a putting green (since you know from my fun fact above, I need to get better!).

I love electronic music and I often joke that my musical tastes align to that of a teenage girl (Bieber, Kygo, Avicii). Yes, I am a Belieber and I have no shame in saying that. Luckily, Casey loves my music too and we’re always blasting tunes when working in the house.Casey and Finn on the front porch

I am excited about our new home and the challenge it represents for us as a couple and a family. There are so many things we want to achieve together, some in our control and others out of our control, but no matter what, it is going to be a hell of a ride and I wouldn’t want to take it with anyone else.

Come along for our renovation journey and experience the awkward fun that is our lives!

– Finn