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Good morning friends! We’re starting today off with 2 videos (one now, and another later this afternoon). Listening to us yapping about DIY projects should be more than enough to wake you up on this Tuesday morning…but you may as well go ahead and pour that 2nd cup o’ joe too!

We were asked to present some wall art projects for this particular segment of Weekend Workbench, so we decided to go with 2 of our most popular art pieces from the blog.

Our easy-peasy, don’t-poke-yourself, thumb tack art…
These built in shelves feature fun pieces of wall art, pops of color, and various decor items. …that we chatted about back in this post. We love the metallic thumb tack art because it’s pretty foolproof and you can customize it any way you want!

We also decided to go with another fan favorite…the quote on canvas.This DIY wall art piece pairs well with the white lamp. It’s another super simple project and we love that you can put your own twist on it with a quote that means something to you!

Here’s our wall art video debut.

The “before” on that canvas was pretty bad, right? If we had more time we probably would have painted the outside of the frame too…but you’ve gotta work fast when it comes to TV.

We’ll be back with another video later this afternoon. We’re again showing off one of our favorite projects. Here are some hints…it’s an oldie but a goodie, it involves organization, and it’s something you’d do in the kitchen.

The answer today at 2:00pm!Bridget and Casey Signature


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