Our Trader Joe’s Grocery Shopping List

Trader Joe’s is one heck of a popular place. And for good reason…they have incredible prices, such a good selection, and even the people working there are always soooo happy (seriously, how are they so chipper?)! When Finn and I lived in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago, TJ’s was our go-to grocery store because it was so closeby. Now that we’re in Ukrainian Village, we don’t have a Trader Joe’s in our hood (wah wah). So we now go every couple months and it’s a treat to drive to the store and stock up on goodies.trader joe's grocery shopping listWhenever I chat about Trader Joe’s with anyone, they always bring up some of their favorite finds from the store and I inevitably end up finding a new item to purchase… that quickly turns into my favorite thing too! Finn and I definitely have favorites on our Trader Joe’s grocery shopping list, so we thought it would be fun to share our go-tos with all of you!

Finn and I headed to Trader Joe’s on a Thursday night to snap some pics in the store and it was pretty hilarious. I swear we were in that store for a good hour and a half and I’m sure the employees thought we were crazy. But we certainly had fun perusing the aisles, filling up our cart super high, and snapping some pics along the way. Casey with items from Trader Joe's in kitchenLet’s take a look at our Trader Joe’s grocery shopping list…Our Trader Joe's Grocery Shopping List

Our Trader Joe’s Grocery Shopping Listthe produce area of Trader joe's

First, let me say that this list doesn’t include the fresh items we buy all the time. Mostly produce, herbs, things like that. Finn shopping for produceBut we do love TJ’s produce selection because their prices are fantastic! fresh flowers are a bargain from trader joe'sAnd their flowers….I’m always scooping up their fresh flowers. I especially love their hydrangeas, eucalyptus, and alstroemeria!A full cart of groceries from trader joe's

Pantry Stapleseverything but the bagel sesame seasoning

Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning: I’m guessing you’ve heard about this before because it’s a popular one! I love this seasoning for avocado toast and to season any kind of veggies. Such a good concoction of spices. harvest grains blend from trader joe'sHarvest Grains Blend: Each Sunday Finn makes some sort of grain that we can eat all week long for lunch and dinner (you can read more about our Sunday food prep here). This blend is an absolute favorite! Make sure you use broth when making it so it’s extra tasty!almond butter from trader joe'sAlmond Butter: I always stock up on almond butter when I hit up TJ’s. The price is great and I love all of the ones they offer. steel cut oats from trader joe'sSteel Cut Oats: At least once a week, I feel like breakfast for dinner. I make these steel cut oats and throw in berries, flaxseed, chia seeds, and other goodies to have a filling dinner. So good!

Frozen Foodsfrozen food aisle at trader joe's

Riced Cauliflower: This is a new one that we just started making. They have a great one in the frozen food section. We make this when we want to add more veggies to our dinners. full cart of groceries at trader joe'sTandoori Naan: We absolutely love Thai and Indian food and can’t get enough of the fluffy naan they serve. Yummmm. We buy the frozen naan from Trader Joe’s to eat with hummus, it’s delicious. They have a garlic one that is great too.Finn pushing grocery cart at trader joe'sOrange Chicken: There is a frozen orange chicken that Finn raves about! I’ve never tried it, but he assures me it makes the cut for our favorites list!

Favorite Snacks

unpacking grocery bag in the kitchenThe Trader Joe’s snack game is strong and these are our favorite items to buy from TJ’s because they have such a unique selection. Here are the food items we reach for over and over again…raisin rosemary crisp crackers from trader joe'sRaisin Rosemary Crisps: Holy smokes…these are amazing! If you’re doing a charcuterie board (my specialty as an appetizer because there is no cooking required), then these crackers must be a part of the spread. They’re delish. truffle marcona almonds from trader joe'sTruffle Marcona Almonds: Here’s another one to add to that charcuterie board. These almonds are almost sinful they’re so good. The truffle brings them to the next level which is perfect when you’re entertaining and want to look fancy AF. unexpected cheddar cheese from trader joe'sUnexpected Cheddar: I’ve got another one to add to the charcuterie board. This cheddar is absolute perfection…a good hard cheese that will have mass appeal with your guests. Add it to your next party…trust me. hummus and sweet potato crackers from trader joe'sMediterranean Hummus & Sweet Potato Crackers: I’m a huge hummus fan and eat it probably once a day with crackers or fresh veggies. This hummus is a good one and I’m obsessed with these sweet potato crackers for dipping. quinoa and black bean tortilla chips from trader joe's with salsa Quinoa & Black Bean Tortilla Chips & Chunky Salsa: Another fantastic snack duo. These chips are sturdy (I hate when tortilla chips break apart in the salsa. Yuck) and delicious. And hopefully healthier than a traditional corn tortilla chip?

Sweet Treats & BeveragesCasey unpacking grocery bag

Trader Joe’s has the best little desserts and chocolates, but we try not to stock up on too many so we don’t overindulge! dark chocolate non-pareils from trader joe'sNon-Pareils: Sno Caps are my favorite candy and I always get them when I see a movie. I absolutely love these dark chocolate non-pareils. They’re like ginormous sno caps and they definitely satisfy my chocolate craving at night. Finn finding chianti wine at trader joe'sWine: At Trader Joe’s we buy all.the.wine. The prices are so much better than our other grocery store, so we always seem to get a box of reds and some champs too. Ever since we went to Italy, we’ve been big chianti drinkers and they have a great selection (with most bottles under $10!). simpler wines white sparking from trader joe'sSimpler Wines (Sparkling): This has been my go-to this summer because it’s prosecco in a can! Perfect for BBQs and boating. They come in a 4-pack and go out of stock quickly. So if you see these…scoop them up fast.

Beauty Itemstrader joe's cream shave and vitamin e oil

Cream Shave & Vitamin E Oil: TJ’s has a surprisingly awesome little area of all-natural beauty supplies. I randomly picked up this shaving cream there when I ran out and it’s now my new go-to buy. I also use vitamin E oil when I’m feeling especially dry on my legs, arms, and hands. Casey with grocery shopping bagSo there you have it…some of our favorites from Trader Joe’s. Now that it’s September, I’m guessing all of their fall & pumpkin items are out! I think another big trip to TJ’s is definitely in the cards for us. I can’t help myself when it comes to all things fall.Carrying groceries in a trader joe's bagNow I’m dying to know…what items are on your Trader Joe’s grocery shopping list?? I want to hear all of your fave goodies!


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