Unique Birthday Gift

Back in October, our own Miss Bridget celebrated a big birthday! 25 years baby!

Typically, we try not to do too much for birthdays. Maybe a nice card or picture frame, nothing too pricey or time consuming. But this year I wanted to do something special for her big day.
I’m not gonna lie, I probably should have saved this present until her 26th birthday (duh!) But I didn’t want the idea to fade and decided that I could make it work even though she was only turning 25.
I bought a pack of alphabet flash cards (only about $3 at Target)
Since there are 26 letters in the alphabet, I thought it would be cool to do a play on each letter of the alphabet with 1 extra for good luck! So, I came up with an adjective for each letter (Ex. A for Artsy, B for Beautiful…) and then wrote a paragraph with a memory or funny story about Bridget’s character and why that adjective fit her so well.
Now, if any of you have had the pleasure to meet Bridge then you’re a lucky duck! She is quite possibly the most fantastic girl ever (and I swear I’m not just saying that because she is my BFF). So, with that being said, it was incredibly easy to come up with adjectives to describe the wonderful young lady.
I wrote out all of my 26 “Bridget descriptions” and printed them out on colorful paper.  On the front was the adjective, and on the back was a small paragraph with an explanation.
Disregard the yucky handwriting in “Joyful”. I had just broken my pinkie finger and my penmanship still wasn’t up to birthday gift standards!
I think it turned out to be a pretty neat gift. At first Bridget, gave me a strange look as to why I gave her  alphabet flash cards. But after opening them up, I think she was really touched.
I think this would be a fabulous birthday gift or maybe even a gift your child could make a favorite teacher!

So, break out the glue stick and scissors and start crafting like you’re in elementary school.