Upcycled Planter Box prepares for Winter

Remember when my upcycled planter box looked like this…
Because of the crazy cold winters in Chicago, these poor plants were not looking so hot lately. To welcome Mr. winter into the neighborhood, we transformed that happy summer planter into a winter wonderland that can survive these frigid elements in style.
Ladies and gentleman, meet our new and improved winter-wonderland-in-a-box. Just when I thought this upcycled planter would never be home to another fake plant as long as it lived…. I was wrong. Yup, those poinsettias are fake. I never thought the day would come when I would ever plant fake flowers, and guess what? I was wrong. And I absolutely would have bet the blog that I would never ever type (and sincerely mean), “I planted fake flowers in front of my house and I love them!” (well at least before the age of 85)… and you’ve guessed it….. wrong, AGAIN!
Rest assured the greenery is real- straight from our backyard’s pines. The fake poinsettias, red bow & white pine were all Black Friday deals from Menard’s.
I am not usually one to use white pine, but I thought it would be the perfect way to incorporate the white detail on our Christmas wreath and the white detail of my wedding dress (keep reading). So because of the wreath and the wedding…fake white pine it is.
After arranging the fake plants all together, I put several bricks on top of the stems into the planter to hold them down… goodness knows I don’t want these treasures blowing away on me! I then stuck in the real pine in the back of the box, which gave it a little added height and life.
Last but not least, I tightly wrapped a black ribbon around the planter and tied the bow to the front of it. To make the bow less droopy, I tied a second piece of ribbon from the front of the box (connected to the bow) going straight through the middle of the box directly to the back of the box. This helped perk up the heavy red bow and worked out perfectly because you can’t see the black ribbon under the sea of fake poinsettias.
I’m especially excited for our front porch detail (and hints of WHITE) because Matt and I will share our “first look”  on our wedding day right here. Our first home together seems like the perfect place to get our wedding day festivities started… together. I’m banking on these fake flowers staying fresh and perky until then!
Rounding out our little door step detail, is this old-fashioned flyer I scored at a local thrift store for $5!! Can you believe it says Marshall Field’s on it?! My dad thinks it must have been a display sled at one point for the famous retailer because it is in such amazing shape.
Either way, I’m obsessed with it and love how much it reminds me of trips to Marshall Field’s around Christmas time as a kid. With a little greenery from the neighborhood and some old bells I grabbed at an estate sale, this little treasure it the perfect holiday accent to our door step and it adds a hint of Christmas past.
Fake flowers, a five dollar sled, and a first look- this porch will need a break from all this excitement come spring!
In less than 2 weeks, I’ll be standing right here in white waiting for my handsome groom.