Valentine’s Day Round Up & a FREE giveaway!

It’s no secret… we heart our readers! If you guys only knew how many text messages, emails, or chats are centered around how AMAZING you guys are… you’d probably be surprised. We get a random email from a new reader, a comment that brightens our day, or we see our projects being re-pinned or even re-created, you can bet later that day one of us will get a text from the other that says something like…. “you see that reader email? How amazing is she!?” or “OMG, you see that new comment? That made my day!” or even “OMGGG, I love our readers!! =) How lucky are we?!”.

Bottom line: You guys are the B.E.S.T so THANK YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you, one million times over… thank you! Thanks for supporting us in this crazy adventure and making us feel a little less coo-coo for spending our free time DIY-ing & bloggin’ about it.

To spread the LOVE to all of you this Valentine’s Day, we are giving away a $50 HomeGoods gift card. But before we get to the good stuff, we want to inspire you with ONE LAST look at our Valentine’s DIY… it’s not too late!

framed lyrics
free printable love lyrics
Mint Chocolate Cupid Cake
Now…before you run off to tackle one of our Valentine’s Day projects…enter to win that $50 HomeGoods gift card. First, sign up via Rafflecopter and follow the instructions. It will direct you to comment on our blog and we want to know…what are you LOVING this Valentine’s Day? It could be a favorite food, home decor trend, your dog, your mom, your +1, anything! Let’s spread the love here people!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks again for tuning in each and everyday! Tune in to our Facebook Tuesday to see if you’re the big winner, and if you are… promise us that you’ll buy something you LOVE! Happy Valentine’s Day.

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