Vanity Makeover

  (Disclaimer: We have partnered with New Uses to bring you this post. The information and opinions expressed are 100% our own, and are not influenced by New Uses.)
Fact: I have never really put on my make-up while in a bathroom. I know a lot of ladies are totally cool with the normal tradition of brushing on their glam in the same space they brush their teeth. Me… not so much.
It’s just something about leaning over the sink to awkwardly apply my mascara that just doesn’t work for me. Call me high maintenance. Call me crazy. Just don’t call me into the bathroom to do my make-up… ain’t happening.
So when I spotted this little vanity at New Uses, I knew it could be my ticket out of the dreaded bathroom glam session.
Yes, it was a little out of date, and yes, the parrot had to go, but overall… I could see some major potential in this unique piece.

I hauled her home and sanded this pretty little lady down to her bare bones.

After the sanding process, I washed her down to remove the dust. I picked up two bottles of new spray paint (Krylon to be exact), and sprayed every square inch of her…twice.

After her makeover, I hardly recognized her!

I added a few new knobs from Menards, a few accessories, my make-up essentials, a drawer organizer…. and my new space was all set to go.

Good bye dreaded bathroom, hello functional vanity.

Shelves, drawers and some generous table space make up (pun intended) the must haves for any vanity.
I added a little china saucer in one corner to hold some of my daily accessories. You can easily find a saucer like this at any thrift store. (Rookie Tip: don’t pay anything over a buck, if they’re lone rangers… they should be less than that)
The shelves are now home to my perfume, some candles, and a cotton ball holder. I picked up the two sided make-up mirror from Bed, Bath and Beyond. (Don’t forget that 20% off coupon)
I love that this drawer allows my make-up to be out of sight from guests. Plus, it’s large enough to hold this fabulous organizer, which is a great way to keep each item in its own little compartment. (more details about this coming soon).
And what kind of makeover would this be without a hint of coral?
Gray vanity makeover with striped seat

Recognize the seat? These two DIY projects have quickly become inseparable. I have officially added a large mirror to my DIY to-do list, to make this a DIY triple threat.

But for now…I’ll take two-of-a-kind!

Before and After Vanity Gray Paint
Who knew that these two pieces had such potential for glam and function? Thanks to New Uses, I have finally escaped the awkwardness of putting my make-up on in the bathroom and have created a space that not only works for me, but reflects my style too! Talk about a double play?!
Does anyone else avoid putting make-up on in the bathroom or am I the only crazy one? Any other creative vanity tips, tricks or ideas. I’m all ears…