Video Q & A with The DIY Playbook

Last month, we asked you guys to submit some questions that we would then answer in a little video here on the blog. Well, the day has come for us to dish with a video Q & A!


We wish we could have answered all of your submissions (seriously some good/hilarious/interesting questions) but we did choose a variety of our favorites to chat about on-camera including…

1. How do we dust our shelves? <— The price we pay for having so many accessories and knick-knacks…

2. How do we juggle our full-time jobs & the blog? <— Spoiler alert…we definitely don’t do it all!

3. How do you decide if buying tools is worth the investment? <—Amazing question! We can’t wait to go into this one in even more detail this Spring.

4. Where do you store out-of-season clothing? <—As 2 gals with small homes, this is always a challenge!

5. You always look so put together, but don’t shop a lot…how? <—HA! Can we kiss you through the computer screen? Let’s just say we rarely looked “put together” in real life. There’s a lot of messy buns and yoga pants happening behind the scenes.

6. Any favorite recipes that your hubbies cook? <—-Bridget’s answer = hilarious.

7. Do you ever want to have children & will they be on the blog? <—- We got this question like 10x! Apparently, you guys really want the scoop on when the Finn & Matkovich clans will be growing….

Now for all of the answers, check out our video. (And even if you don’t watch it all, you’ve at least gotta see us prancing around with balloons and cupcakes. Yes it happened…)

Our Video Q & A

And let’s elaborate a bit on the question about our hubbies and their cooking. Bridget mentions how she has cooked one (yes, only 1!) meal for Matt since living in their home. I asked her if her meal was at least any good. Her response? She was making chicken parm and saw that the recipe called for breadcrumbs. She literally took a piece of bread, shredded it into chunks with her fingers, and coated the chicken with that. I literally almost peed my pants when she told me. We had to stop the video for a few minutes to compose ourselves. I think it’s safe to say we could both use a few cooking lessons.

bridget-casey-laughing-bedroom-computerAgain, thank you so much for submitting questions and also for supporting us on our birthday week! We had a wonderful third year of blogging and can’t wait to see what year four brings!


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