Vintage Wedding Programs for Bridget’s Big Day

Breaking news: Bridget is off the market!

Yup, the rumors are true… Matt & I officially tied the knot this past weekend (check out our Instagram to see the Rookies all dressed up), and we can’t wait to share all of the photos, stories, and the DIY projects that were a part of our big day!

In the meantime, here’s the scoop on our wedding programs and reception booklets. Thanks to this amazing etsy shop, this wedding paper definitely captures the “vintage” & “classic” feel that we were striving for…

Vintage Wedding Programs

vintage wedding programs

Matt and I used this ring & bow-tie combo as the ‘trademark’ on ALL of our wedding paper. It was all designed and created by the amazing Emily from Em Ruth on I would HIGHLY recommend teaming up with Emily to create programs (or any paper products) for your next event- you won’t be disappointed.

Adding a Finishing Touch

How to make vintage wedding programs with lace
For the ladies at the ceremony, I wrapped each of the ceremony programs in lace and finished them off with a cream bow.
laced wrapped paper

Here’s a closer look at these stunners. The gentlemen at the ceremony were given a plain booklet with no lace. I thought this was a fun way to add a little old-fashioned “his” vs “hers” to the mix. (Plus, I didn’t think the gentlemen in the crowd would appreciate the lace nearly as much as the fabulous ladies would).

I loved the stunning detail that this lace added to the very simple wedding programs.

The old-fashioned typewriter helped kick-off the reception in old-fashioned style. This typewriter held pearls and a note that said, “take a booklet and enjoy your night”. The reception booklet was also created by the amazing Emily and was a “guide” to the evening. I wanted to create (or at least help create) something that was unique and original.

So instead of picking up place cards to find a seat as guests arrived at the reception, each guest picked up a booklet to browse through the evening’s festivities while also identifying what lucky table they were sitting at. The books helped give the guests something to browse and chat about throughout cocktail hour and were the perfect personal touch.

A typewriter and wedding programs

What I Included Inside My Vintage Wedding Programs

Vintage wedding programs
The front cover read,

“The wedding celebration of Matthew & Bridget Matkovich, December 28th, 2013”

What to write inside your vintage wedding programs
When the guests opened the book, they saw our favorite “love” quote, a list of the night’s festivities, and our signature ring/bow-tie combo. The quote read, “Life’s a happy song when there’s someone by your side to sing along” -The Muppets.

The book then went on to give each guest a peek into the night’s events. The list of events included a reminder about the DIY photo booth that doubled as our guestbook (more on that soon!) and included the important songs we danced to throughout the evening. It also gave a sneak peek into dessert (my favorite part of every meal) and the dancing (my favorite part of every wedding).

what his side should know about her
One of my favorite parts of the booklet was the pages that read, “what HIS side should know about HER” and “what HER side should know about HIM”. We each listed a few “fun facts” about us as individuals, which gave all of the guests a little extra something to giggle about while also giving each of our “new families” some insider information about the other. Everyone really seemed to enjoy these entertaining and unique snippets of info.

After that page, we inserted an alphabetical list of everyone’s seating assignments and titled it, “Mr. & Mrs. Matkovich’s Seating Chart” — only because we’re both teachers, so it seemed fitting and a fun little play on words. (I didn’t picture this page because I didn’t want to compromise anyone’s name that maybe didn’t want to appear on the blog).

I thought this seating chart was a different way to communicate the seats, keep the overwhelming rush of people to the place-card table to a minimum, and a chance to remind guests of another guest’s name that they may have forgotten over the years. It was almost like a directory of guests for that evening. I think it definitely worked well!

reception booklet

And last but very not least, the last two pages explained the menu details and shared a thank you note to all of our amazing friends and family. To us, this thank you note was so, so important. We definitely wanted to do everything we could to communicate to our guests how amazing each and every one of them IS and how truly blessed we are to have them in our lives.

vintage wedding programs

Overall, the wedding paper was far more fabulous than I ever expected!


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