Visitor’s Guide to Magnolia Market – Waco, TX

Last weekend my littler sister and I headed down to Dallas to visit one of our cousins. We had a total blast exploring the big D, catching up on some quality “girl time” together, and enjoying some much-needed warm weather + sunshine (hello first sunburn of the season).

Overall, our quick trip to Dallas was a huge success. Hands down one of my favorite parts of the entire weekend, outside of spending time with two of my favorite ladies, was when we took a mini road trip to Waco, Texas to visit the Magnolia Market at the Silos (you know, the store created and recently opened by Chip & Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper).

visitor's guide to Magnolia MarketAs I found out after posting a picture on our Instagram, we have lots of fellow Fixer-Upper Fans following along. I mean let’s face it, who doesn’t love the positive, humorous, and insanely talented Chip and Joanna?! Their positivity is contagious on the show, their style is simply amazing, and quite honestly… those are the exact two things that stuck with me after visiting the Magnolia Market grounds. I walked away feeling like the entire experience oozed with positivity and creativity.  silos_at_magnolia_market_waco

Waco, TX was about a 90 minute drive from downtown Dallas and the Magnolia Market is located just a few blocks off the highway. When we pulled up, instantly we saw the silos and lots of cars. We quickly found a parking spot and walked about a block to the “grounds” of the market. Because we visited on a Saturday morning when the weather was absolutely gorgeous, the market was pretty crowded… to be expected, right?

magnolia_market_waco_texasThere was a line to get into the actual market but it moved very quickly (like maybe 15 minutes of waiting outside). While waiting in line, we were each given a sheet of paper that gave the history of the property, information about Chip & Joanna, and just some fun facts about the area. On the flip side of the adorably branded “fun fact” sheet, there was a map of Waco with some of the large places highlighted (Baylor University, Baylor’s football stadium, the Silos, a few restaurants, etc.) Skimming through the fun facts definitely helped pass the time in line very quickly.

inside_magnolia_marketThen we entered the actual Magnolia Market. Because the shop was extremely crowded that day, I didn’t get many photos but you can take my word for it when I say it was even more adorable than expected. bloom_magnolia_market_flowerIt was less of a Magnolia Souvenir shop and more of a home decor shop with tons of decor items that you see on Fixer-Upper. They had teapots, tons of florals, wreaths, huge vintage signs, crates, oversized clocks, jewelry, Joanna’s favorites, Chip’s favorites, and of course a few Magnolia gift shop items (hats, tees, and mugs).

shop_magnolia_marketIn the very back of the shop, you enter into a huge barn that is draped in string lights and filled with even more merchandise (… plus some fresh gourmet popcorn which made the entire space smell heavenly). How amazing does this barn look with the sun streaming down into the store?! Stunning.

outside magnolia marketmagnolia_market_garden_shopAfter we explored the market, we went outside to explore the “grounds” of the silos. Oh my goodness…. wow! Two huge silos hovering over a large open area of turf + gravel, picnic tables, a line of super creative food trucks, and a mini garden center! The garden center itself wasn’t open just yet, but the grounds around the garden center were already looking gorgeous!

magnolia_market_food_trucksred_truck_magnolia_market magnolia_market_bean_bags

Outside on the property there were lots of families laying on the grass, some enjoying lunch from the food trucks, while others were playing with some of the games that were scattered throughout the lawn (oversized checkers, bean bags, hula-hoops, jump ropes, footballs, wiffle balls/bats, frisbees).

Others were at the picnic tables snacking, relaxing, and just soaking up some sun… the whole space (including the bathrooms, TMI?) was extremely family-friendly and very well thought-out in terms of making the entire family feel welcome and happy. =)


After exploring the garden and walking around the gorgeous grounds, we each grabbed lunch from a different food truck and met back on the grass to eat (and share!). The food was delicious and it was so fun to just sit back & enjoy the positive, sunny atmosphere.magnolia_silos_waco_texasmagnolia_market_silos_travelsomething_sweet_magnolia_market

magnolia_market_signIf it isn’t obvious already, I would highly recommend stopping at the Magnolia Market at the Silos if you’re anywhere near the Waco area! And if you’re not completely sold just yet, Joanna is opening a “Something Sweet” bakery on the property soon too (it was under construction while we were there). The positive + creative vibes were so inspiring and made for such a FUN afternoon! enjoy the sunshine & silosAnd if you do stop by, you can find this photo-op wall outside behind the Magnolia Market. Oh and speaking of photo-op walls, check out this GEM we found just a few blocks from the Market in downtown Waco…you look nice today wacotownI mean, how can you not leave Waco in a good mood?!


P.S. Has anyone else visited the Magnolia Market at the Silos?! I would love to hear what you thought or if you have any “tips” to share with the rest of us. 

P.PS. We looked into checking out (driving by) the Magnolia House (bed & breakfast) but our GPS said that getting there would take us about a half hour further away from Dallas, so we passed and headed back without checking it out. magnolia_market_silos_waco_texas



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